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Waka Wednesday- Trivia

Wakarusa 2013 © Spady Photography

1. What is the nickname of Highway 23 that runs on Mulberry Mountain? A. Curveball B. Midnight Run C. Pig Trail D. Hog Run _________________________________________________________ 2. Who typically sponsors the yearly Wakarusa Costume Contest? A. Mulberry Mountain B. Harvest Music Festival C. Grassroots D. Technaflora _________________________________________________________ 3. Which artist is the Wakarusa 2014 MC? A.… Read More »

Wakarusa Wednesday-Trivia


Wakarusa Wednesday-Trivia Freshen up your memory with some questions you may or may not know! 1. Which of these is NOT a stage name at Wakarusa? A- Backwoods Stage B- Post Tent C- Main Stage D- Revival Tent 2. How many ticketed camping options are there total? A- 3 B- 7 C- 9 D- 5… Read More »

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