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Top 10 Places You May Run Into Sassy the Sasquatch at Wakarusa

See Sassy the Sassquatch at Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 on Mulberry Mountain and party like a squatch!

Wakarusa Music Festival is coming up fast! There is so much to look forward to, so many things to do. The lineup is epic, the campsites are gorgeous, there are tons of activities and artwork to admire. Plus, the elusive party animal Sassy the Sasquatch will be coming out of hiding for the rager of… Read More »

Sasquatch Saturday – Represent your Sassy side with a Wakarusa Pin featuring Sassy the Sasquatch!

If you are interested, these super cool pins featuring Sassy the Sasquatch are for sale on the Wakarusa Merch Store, online or on site at Wakarusa Music Festival!

How cool are these? Wakarusa pins featuring Sassy the Sasquatch – the greatest party animal of all time! This is not a sales pitch, Sassy just wanted to show off how flippin’ neat these sweet, beautifully crafted pins are. Especially since they are featuring the Sass-quatch itself! Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 is right around the… Read More »

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wakarusa

Wakarusa Logo 2014-01

Wakarusa Music Festival is well-known and well-loved with thousands of loyal fans – or as we like to call them, family – but there there is so much more to Wakarusa than meets the eye. You may think you know everything there is to Waka, or you might be a first-timer, but there is always… Read More »

Sasquatch Saturday – Rock out with Sassy!

Sassy the Sasquatch is coming to rock out at Wakarusa Music Festival! Be there and party like a squatch!

It’s almost time! Wakarusa Music Festival is just around the corner and Sassy the Sasquatch is tuning its guitar! This year’s lineup is so amazing that the elusive Sasquatch cannot resist coming out to party on Mulberry Mountain! Be there to see the great musicians, enjoy the beautiful scenery and party with Sassy! Wakarusa Music… Read More »

Top 10 Iconic Symbols at Wakarusa

9. What Wakarusa experience would be complete without a ride on the Ferris Wheel? The scenery is even more epic from this lofty view and the Ferris Wheel is a towering symbol of the fun times had on Mulberry Mountain - plus it's a useful landmark for finding friends.

Wakarusa Music Festival has a unique spirit about it, unlike any other music festival or gathering. The music, the artwork, the attitude, the land itself, it’s iconic. Once someone has been to Waka, they never forget. There are dozens of sights and sounds that will invoke memories of Wakarusa and make a soul long for… Read More »

Sasquatch Saturday – All You Have To Do is Believe!

Sassy the Sasquatch believes in you! Be at Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain and party like a sasquatch!

All you have to do is believe! Wakarusa Music Festival is a magical place full of glorious music, beautiful attractions, cool people and – legend has it – stomping grounds of Sassy the Sasquatch! Sassy believes in you and the party-squatch is counting on you to rage it at Wakarusa with the rest of the… Read More »

Sasquatch Saturday – Sass-quatch wants to spot you at Wakarusa Music Festival!

Sassy the Sass-quatch wants to spot YOU at Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain! Party like a sass-quatch!

Wakarusa Music Festival comes just once a year and with it, the rarest party animal of all, Sassy the Sass-quatch, comes out of the woods of Mulberry Mountain to kick it with chill folks and listen to some amazing music! The Sass-quatch also likes people watching, and this year, it wants to see YOU raging… Read More »

Sasquatch Saturday’s – Wakarusa’s Sassy Sasquatch is Ready To Rock!

Come to Wakarusa and you might catch a glimpse of the elusive party animal commonly known as the Sass-quatch!

Wakarusa is almost here! It won’t be long now until the tents and stages are set up, the fans start rolling in and the music begins to play! Out of the woods shall come the elusive Sass-quatch to enjoy the most epic Music Festival around! Mulberry Mountain is home to this majestic creature and it’s… Read More »

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