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Waka Wednesday-Battle Of The Campgrounds

sassy squatch

Wakarusa offers 3 tent-only campgrounds. Each one it’s own precious gem, catering to the masses. Festival goers from all over the world have their individual tastes. From shade to sunshine, early to bed or raging all night, have no fear; there’s the perfect option for you at Wakarusa. Here, we’ll break down the specifics of… Read More »

Wakarusa Wednesday: Trivia


How much do you know about Wakarusa? Go ahead, give it a shot! 1.) In what YEAR did the first Wakarusa take place? a. 1998 b. 2004 c. 2012 d. 1992 2.) In what STATE did the first Wakarusa take place? a. Oregon b. Arkansas c. Kansas d. Missouri 3.) What does “Wakarusa” mean? a.… Read More »

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