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Throwback Thursday – Wakarusa 2011 flashbacks!

Wakarusa Music Festival brings together the most awesome people to enjoy the most amazing music on beautiful Mulberry Mountain, creating the perfect vacation/adventure!

Wakarusa is a special festival, in that it is huge – bringing together tons of stellar all-star musicians and thousands of party people – while still holding onto that family feeling. Everyone that comes to Waka is part of the Waka family, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned vet, we’re all together for an… Read More »

Wakarusa’s Music Monday – The Magic Beans

See The Magic Beans live at Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain and get down to some Space Funk and Groove Grass!

Wakarusa’s Music Monday brought to you by The Magic Beans! Members: Josh Appelbaum – Bass, Scott Hachey – Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Casey Russell – Keys, Synth, Vocals, Banjo, Cody Wales – Drums, Rapping, Hunter Welles – Electric and Acoustic Mandolin Origin: Nederland, CO Genres: Space Funk, Groove Grass, Ameritronica Albums: The Magic Beans… Read More »

Sasquatch Saturday – Sass-quatch wants to spot you at Wakarusa Music Festival!

Sassy the Sass-quatch wants to spot YOU at Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain! Party like a sass-quatch!

Wakarusa Music Festival comes just once a year and with it, the rarest party animal of all, Sassy the Sass-quatch, comes out of the woods of Mulberry Mountain to kick it with chill folks and listen to some amazing music! The Sass-quatch also likes people watching, and this year, it wants to see YOU raging… Read More »

Feel Good Friday: Hands That Rock


We are excited to announce that Hands That Rock will be joining BLVD To A Better World on-site at Wakarusa this year! Hands That Rock encourages everyone to stop by their locations in the BLVD To A Better World and VIP Lounge to enjoy a relaxing chair massage and help raise money for the Ozark… Read More »

Throwback Thursday – Memories of Wakarusa 2012!

Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain is more than just a music festival, it is a life experience, a vacation and an adventure like no other.

What can be said about Wakarusa Music Festival that has not already been said? Plenty! And a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few precious moments from Wakarusa 2012 to tell you just how much fun Waka is, how beautiful Mulberry Mountain is and what it is like to party for… Read More »

Top 10 Essential Camping Items You’ll Need at Wakarusa

Glamping is the ultimate camping experience. Bring these Top 10 Camping Essentials to Wakarusa and have a fantastic experience!

The key to a great camping experience is having the right stuff. There are some essentials that everyone should have to keep cool in the heat, prepare for weather, and most importantly, have fun! Here’s our list of top 10 essential items for camping at Wakarusa! 10. Shade – Whether you have a sweet sun… Read More »

Wakarusa’s Music Monday – Poolside

Poolside is coming to Wakarusa this year to bring some Daytime Disco to the party!

Wakarusa’s Music Monday brought to you by Poolside! Members: Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise Origin: Los Angeles Genres: Daytime Disco Albums: Pacific Standard Time Band Interests: Great friends, good music, California, and mezcal    

Sasquatch Saturday’s – Wakarusa’s Sassy Sasquatch is Ready To Rock!

Come to Wakarusa and you might catch a glimpse of the elusive party animal commonly known as the Sass-quatch!

Wakarusa is almost here! It won’t be long now until the tents and stages are set up, the fans start rolling in and the music begins to play! Out of the woods shall come the elusive Sass-quatch to enjoy the most epic Music Festival around! Mulberry Mountain is home to this majestic creature and it’s… Read More »

Feel Good Friday: Feed Communities


We are excited to announce that Feed Communities will be joining BLVD To A Better World on-site at Wakarusa this year! Feed Communities encourages everyone to pack healthy festival food for a weekend full of fun and awesome music…stop by their table on the BLVD for a Better World for more information about sustainable agriculture, urban farming and… Read More »

Throwback Thursday – Good times at Waka’s past! Wakarusa 2013!

Wakarusa 2013 was fantastic! Epic music, beautiful scenery and best of all, the phenomenal fans!

Wakarusa is, always has been and always will be about good times with great people! The music is amazing, Mulberry Mountain is gorgeous but the people are the best! Much love to all the fans who come out to share the Wakarusa experience!

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