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Wakarusa’s Top 10 Mulberry Mountain Experiences


Wakarusa’s Top 10 Mulberry Mountain Experiences 10. Lounge in the Hammock Village at the Satellite Every morning, the tree line at the Satellite Stage is transformed into an oasis of bass and ENO hammocks. The perfect way to start your day…or end your night.   9. Ride the Ferris Wheel Epic views. Killer lights. Incredible… Read More »

Infected Mushroom FUNGUSAMONGUS

Infected Mushroom FUNGUSAMONGUS at Wakarusa 2014

Experience Infected Mushroom, the world’s greatest Psy-Trance band of the decade are playing at Wakarusa 2014.  Infected Mushroom’s stage production “FUNGUSAMONGUS” is truly one of a kind. “FUNGUSAMONGUS” features stimulating 3D mapped visuals  that project psychedelic images onto landscaped “pods”.  The “pods” become the backdrop for the enigmatic vocals, hypnotic arrangements, and psy-trippy synthetic rhythms… Read More »

June 5-8 2014 - Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas Ticket Info Watch Featured
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