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Street Team

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You can earn your pass to Wakarusa by helping to spread the word online and on the streets! Compete for a top 20 spot on the LeaderBoard, or use the points you earn promoting in the Online Store for merch items and more! Can’t make it to the fest but still want to spread the music love? That’s ok – we’ve got rewards for you too!

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Completing Actions.

Now you are ready to complete actions and earn points! Choose from an array of fresh actions based on the latest and greatest Wakarusa news. Earn points for the things you already love to do – like posting on Facebook and Twitter, or spreading the word about great music at your local venues. Actions are based on your address, so if you’re traveling, just change your Profile Settings to see farther-away actions. You can use the contact form on the site anytime to request that we add an action for you (such as shows and events you want to hit with flyers!) – we love to hear from you!

Get Your Hands on Some Promo.

We are sending posters and flyers! Request a promo package by scrolling down below your News Section on your StreetShimon home page, and click to expand Wakarusa on your Promo Dashboard. You can request promo be sent straight to your home! Be sure to check out our double point actions for college campuses across target area, and check in weekly to find new and exciting ways to earn points!

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