Conscious Alliance Food Drive

We are happy to announce we will be teaming up with Conscious Alliance once again to host an ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drive at this year’s Wakarusa Music Festival! All attendees who donate 20 non-perishable food items will receive a FREE Wakarusa Music Festival poster! Food donations will be collected at the Conscious Alliance ‘Art That Feeds’ Gallery, which will be depicted on the Wakarusa Music Festival guide and map. All food donations will benefit the Arkansas Food Bank in Fort Smith.

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by Android Jones

The Conscious Alliance always encourages food donations to be low-sodium and health oriented products. Organic food donations are especially encouraged. Ramen Noodles will NOT be accepted for the free poster.

Thank you for your continued support in feeding the hungry everywhere the music plays!

Past Posters

You can purchase Wakarusa posters at The Conscious Alliance Store.

2013 by Michael Boyer2012 by Phil Lewis
By Michael Boyer
2011 by Nicole Swilpa2010 by Robert Marx
2008 by Table2Press2007 by Gary Houston


About Conscious Alliance and Wakarusa

Conscious Alliance is a national nonprofit organization committed to supporting communities in crisis through hunger relief and youth empowerment. Since 2002, they have provided over 1.7 million meals to communities nationwide and economically isolated Native American reservations.They raise awareness of the extreme poverty on many of these reservations, which are among the nation’s poorest communities, and provide opportunities for Native American youth to explore their creativity and develop stronger ties to their culture.

Conscious Alliance hosts ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives and hunger awareness programs at hundreds of concerts and music festivals throughout the United States. The food they collect benefits a local area food bank wherever the festival or concert takes place. At nine of the last ten Wakarusa Music Festivals, Conscious Alliance has successfully implemented ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives by offering limited edition posters as an incentive for fans to donate nonperishable food items. Last year alone, Conscious Alliance raised over 4,000 meals from their Wakarusa ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drive for the Arkansas Food Bank in Fort Smith. They will be present at Wakarusa Music Festival once again this June 5th-8th in Ozark, Arkansas. They are confident that this year’s food drive will be extremely successful and look forward to continuing to give back to the local Arkansas community! To learn more about Conscious Alliance, visit!

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