Recycalusa - Wakarusa Music Festival



Just Say No To Trash By Choosing Reusables Over Disposables.

Choose and reuse refillable water bottles/canteens* instead of single-use bottles; bring your food and drinks in classic coolers instead of Styrofoam boxes; and use sturdy cups, plates, and cutlery instead of disposable tableware.  (*note: Wakarusa provides access to free water)

 No ifs, ands or butts about it: littering includes everything.

Yeah, somebody has to pick it up, right down to your cigarette butts. Pick up your litter before heading to the next set of music, and we’ll love you forever ♥

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

While at Wakarusa you’ll notice a super easy color system for all 300 recycling barrel lids: Aluminum cans in red – plastic cups and bottles in blue. You’ll also be given two bags for your campsite: blue bags for recycling – and black bags for trash & food. If you need more bags, just stop by any Info Booth or the Recycalusa Booth.

Clean up your campsite! Tie your bags and place at the nearest road for daily curbside service.

Leaving No Trace starts with YOU!

Stop by the Recycalusa Booth

For every full bag of campsite recycling you bring to the Recycalusa Booth, you will earn a FREE prize such as band merchandise or a Recycalusa t-shirt.  Help our volunteers sort your campsite recycling, and you’ll receive a FREE raffle ticket for a grand prize of tickets to Wakarusa 2015!

Leave your glass at home!

It’s heavy, it breaks, and it’s a general pain in our recycling rears.
Plus (+) the money ($) from recycling aluminum cans totally goes to local non profits!
And (!) glass bottles are totally not allowed on the festival grounds.