Art Installations & Performance Troupes

Wakarusa was extremely excited to showcase a new era of art, creativity and interaction on Mulberry Mountain in 2014! Hundreds of artists and performers submitted their ideas for the First Annual “Mulberry Mountain is My Muse” Art-Grant program. After many hours of deliberation, the pool of applicants was narrowed to the final 16 artists and performance troupes listed below. Take some time to get familiar with the people who helped to transform Mulberry Mountain into a playground of visual stimulation during Wakarusa this past year!

Maizz Visual

Maizz Visual, a creative studio specialized in building audiovisual installations, has worked in several multimedia projects in Europe and Mexico providing cutting edge visual entertainment. In 2013 started the project Dioses del Bosque (Gods of the Forest) , projecting massive 3D images of pre-Hispanic faces at various parks across Mexico DF.
Maizz Visual brings their installation entitled “Blink Twice” to Wakarusa 2014. Each night, Maizz Visual will transform portions of the Mulberry Mountain  tree line into enormous 3D animations that simply must be seen to fully appreciate. Get ready for the Mountain to get a little bit weird each evening after the sun sets over the Ozarks!

Astral Gypsies


Dedicated to opening minds through interactive visionary art, the Astral Gypsies’ Giant Puppet Troupe presents a truly “Larger Than Life” experience! Inspired by the oldest form of theater, puppetry, and the new age of electronic music, Astral Gypsies decided to bring the two together to create a mind blowing experience. Their first creations were so widely loved by audiences that each year they  keep creating larger and larger fantasy creatures. Excavating from everyone’s mystical imaginations what attendees can play with and believe to be real. Today, the Astral Gypsies tour the universe full time on a mission to open the door of the mind to a world of waking dreams. The Astral Gypsy Giants range from 12 to 35 ft and include characters as blissful as the 6 armed goddess (15 ft tall) or as outrageous as the Octopus from the depths of the deep blue sea (35 ft long). All hand crafted and designed for 24/7 roaming entertainment.


Easily Distracted Art Collaborative


Easily Distracted Art Collaborative is a Columbia, Missouri based art installation group founded by Lizzie Bryan.  Lizzie’s artwork specializes in “atmospheric metamorphosis” — big art that fills rooms, parks, even buildings, for events, parties, and festivals, indoors and out.  She also does large scale commercial graffiti and fine art murals.  This will be the third year the pyramid has come to Wakarusa to provide an open air artsy chill space for the main stage. Be on the look out for Lizzie’s clever homage to Wakarusa in 2014.


Intrinsic Arts Performance Group


Intrinsic Arts is a collective of artists from north central Illinois. They were founded in 2009 as a fire performance troupe and have since expanded to include art in various other forms. IAPG works with fire performers, live painters, fashion designers, street entertainers and DJs. IAPG also functions as the retail outlet for all of its artists, selling original art, prints, one-of-a-kind clothes, handmade jewelry and accessories, fire performance, and object manipulation props.


The Vibe Tribe Performance Troupe


For the fourth consecutive year, the VibeTribe of KC will be returning to Wakarusa; this time better than ever before!  Miss Conception leads the troupe’s fire spinners and ambient artists. And what’s even better–anybody can come Vibe with the Tribe on the Mountain!   Look for the Vibe Tribe at the Budweiser Main Stage field alongside the Astral Gypsies and Easily Distracted Entertainment.  VibeTribe will offer workshops, flow jams, meditations, open mic sessions, fire circles and more!  A full schedule will be posted on Mulberry Mountain during Wakarusa 2014.

Fire Safety at Wakarusa: 
Fire safety meetings will be held 4:00 Thursday and Friday at the Vibe Tribe dome in the Main Stage area.  If you are a fire spinner, make sure to attend a fire safety meeting to get your spinner bracelet from the festival!

Dress up with Wakarusa!
2014 Daily Themes:
Thursday: Rep Your State
Friday: Friday Night Disco
Saturday: Masquerade Prom
Sunday: Sunday Luau


STL Hoop Club

Waka 2012 Hoop Workshops

Hoops, yoga, intentional movement.  Join the STL Hoop Club and friends as we share our love for the hoop in this one of a kind workshop series at Wakarusa 2014.  We will flow, create flair, we will live in the moment of our hoop.  Each daily workshop will offer a new chance for discovery within your play while incorporate yoga, the single hoop, and multiples, all while challenge the body and mind.  Hoops will be available to borrow and to purchase at the workshops.  The hoop crew consists of a cast of top notch teachers and performers from across the country.  Instructors for this year’s event are Michelle Schaeffer from St. Louis, Surka Noelle from Portland Oregon, Natalie Naema Pierce from Kansas City, and Ms MichelleBell from Chicago Illinois.  Join the STL Hoop Club daily Thursday through Sunday at the location and time listed in the Events Schedule.  Hoop on!


The Amazing Giants Stilt Walkers

The Amazing Giants Electric Forest

Sending smiles across the crowds The Amazing Giants have been together since 2011 after founder Jessijem took her first giant steps at String Cheese Winter Carnival. Made up of a giant team based out of Columbus, Ohio and throughout the U.S. they share a love for stilt-walking and circus inspired performance art. The Amazing Giants have been apart of several major music festivals, street fairs, and corporate parties bringing high quality costuming, positive personality, and delightful crowd interactions wherever they grow.  These professional high lifers bring out the fun, as a traveling circus going above and beyond in atmospheric ambiance and the ultimate joy makers.  The Amazing Giants are very excited to be apart of Wakarusa 2014.


Slack-Librium Slackline Park 


Based in Asheville North Carolina, Slack-Librium is a Slacklining collective whose mission centers on building conscious-community and creating positive change by setting up instructional slackline workshops at schools, festivals, gatherings and other events across the country. Slacklining, for those of you who don’t already know, is the act of balancing on a one to two inch piece of webbing that is tensioned between two objects, usually trees. More advanced “slackers” will then add various tricks and static yoga poses into their practice. Successful slacklining requires a seamless connection between body and mind, making slacklining an extreme form of movement meditation. Our workshops are taught using mindfulness meditation techniques in order to help participants cultivate a greater awareness of both body and mind. Our slack park will be open all weekend long with Slack-Librium instructors on-site to help you get the hang of it. With just 20 minutes of focus you’ll be balancing already! Step into Slack-Librium, don’t be shy ;)


Houston Hands

Weaved dome1

The Mulberry Huts are organic structures that use only strips of wood which are woven together to create large interactive domes.  Each dome provides shade during the day and at night is lit up by multiple LED lights creating a visual light show.


Homegrown Collective


Through the Homegrown Collective, people will be able to witness elements that a passerby in an urban cityscape has observed as colorful, provocative, illegal “eyesore” also known as “graffiti”.  Although many consider the spray-painted pieces a nuisance, graft has been gaining recognition from the art world more and more as a legitimate form of art. When most people think of graft, they imagine “tags,” or a stylized writing of a person’s name. While tags are probably the most popular forms, graft art is much more than that. It can mean a colorful mural with a message of diversity or a black and white stencil piece protesting police brutality. In each case, graft art makes a statement. Time and time again Homegrown has created “mobile” graft walls out of wood that have become ever more popular within the urban setting but also within the festival scene. Homegrown will contribute to the Wakarusa experience by curating a live graft art piece that would change and progress each day, also providing interaction between the artists and attendees and taking comments, personal perspectives or ideas as to how they think it should look and applying it throughout the process and lastly exhibiting a message relevant to Wakarusa’s theme.


BuddhaBones Art


Combining awe-inspiring sculptures with atmospheric lighting, BuddhaBonesArt pries open the eye while simultaneously stimulating the imagination. These momentous and radiant creations are crafted out of recycled material, thus creating a style that strives to enlighten and entertain. Wakarusa’s luminous woodland will be blanketed by the glow of this surreal art, covering the festival’s visitors with the ecstatic wonder of a lucid dream. BuddhaBones is not only presenting art exhibits this year, but also performing live mobile art and plans to conceive multiple collaborations with fellow artists.

Dakini Circus

Majik Dakini Circus2

In Eastern philosophy, a Dakini is a Divine female entity. An angel, a muse, and a healer, she has an unworldly presence. When she moves she captivates and inspires, while exhibiting unconditional love. Her dance’s purpose is to help those around her find the courage to follow their bliss. Both Chrissie and Garrett are managers of the Dakini Circus. They have been apart of the circus world for five years spinning a multitude of different fire props, facilitating ecstatic dances and teaching traveling acro workshops across the country. The Dakini’s male counterpart; The Daka dances with her in witness to her Divine presence. By holding space for her movement, her actions become more potent, allowing more souls to be served by her love and devotion. Inspired by the growing circus community in Detroit, we created a space for performers and circus enthusiasts to learn, grow and teach. After a year of successful business The Daka workshops were brought on the road.


Nature Dreamweaver

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.52.02 PM

For the 4th year in a row, Wakarusa welcomes back Nature Dreamweaver and his N.E.S.T. (New Earth Sacred Temple). He built his first nest in 2007 at Emergnsee Festival in Oregon and has building them all over the country and world at festivals ever since. They have been used for ceremonies, rituals, workshops, yoga, music, and more. Nature’s special request this year is that the nest truly be treated as a temple. The past two years, the nest has been left full of trash and art stolen. As respect to the artist and to one of our builders who passed in the new year (Mike Packard) we ask that you please only leave gifts and offerings in the nest to add to the beauty and intention. There are plenty of trash and recycle bins for everything else. The team spends a lot of time creating a sacred space for people to experience and we simply and humbly ask that it be treated as such.


Social Napping Network

Hammock installation

An eight person hammock installation in a circular formation to create space, and provide a relaxing environment for patrons. Each hammock will be equipped with a rain fly to provide a break from the environments, rain or shine! Whether you stop to tie your shoe, or take a nap, the Social Napping Network will have special space for you.


The Geodome


A 13ft. x 22ft, steel constructed 3v Geodesic Dome with multi-hammock instillation. We plan to inspire people to “do more with less,” by relaxing in a hammock within our independent structure. Stop by to inspire, meet and share the world around you within a unique space with unique people.


Funktion Forms


Funktion Forms is a cutting edge visual design company that focuses on providing any kind of event with a completely original and highly creative atmosphere for the attending guests, artists, and industry. Through several different mediums our team of artists create multiple environments that will leave your audience speechless. Advanced lighting techniques in combination with various theatrical textiles result in a look that is innovative, functional, and completely unique. Our vision is to replace the standard, more traditional forms of event design and give people something that becomes just as important as the performance itself, so that the look and vibe of your event is that of total stimulation and creativity.

Moon Puppies

The Moon Puppies are three friends who make up “The Asstronauts,” a branch of the Space Farm Art and Music Collective. Their fearless leader, Liza Fishbone, and her minions, Ethan Heller and Carly Jacobs, would like to invite you to dance and play with their installation titled, “Moon Puppies”. Liza is fashion designer and artist who spends her time studying Japanese sewing and patterning techniques, drawing characters with cute faces and gnarly teeth, and blogging about marshmallows. Ethan is a graduate of Philosophy and History from Bradley University. He is a true Renaissance man delving into literature, art, and music. His most recent project, Fanny Pack, is an up and coming band from the STL/Illinois region. Carly is a graduate of Biology from Johns Hopkins University. She is an appreciator of art and music, and enjoys collaborating with her artistic friends. She has spent the past six months teaching kids how to ski at Winter Park Resorts, and is ready to ring in the summer with the Wakarusa family. The idea for the Moon Puppies project came from a hilarious YouTube video of a Human Air Dancer costume based off of those at car dealerships. The Asstronauts, lovers of free form dance and dressing up, decided to take this idea to the next level. In the weeks leading up to Wakarusa 2014, we will be reconvening at our home planet, St. Louis. During the festival, the three of them will wiggle and shake at your favorite shows. The Moon Puppies hope to inspire dance and laughter in everyone we meet, so please join in the fun when you see them!

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