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Art Installations

Wakarusa is extremely excited to showcase a new era of art, creativity and interaction on Mulberry Mountain in 2015! Through the second annual “Mulberry Mountain is My Muse” Art-Grant program, hundreds of artists and performers submitted their ideas and inspiration.  Please take a moment to browse through some of the creative visionaries that will be gracing the mountain with their unique installations and performances at Wakarusa this year! Stay connected with us and don’t forget to submit your visions to the 2016 Art Grant Program to be a part of the creative community at Mulberry Mountain.

Between the Dimensions

between the dimensions

Where art and technology intersect, wonder is found. We love to explore the blurred line between the two: striving to push the boundaries of our connection with technology in order to further our artistic expression. With these concepts in mind, our team of driven artists has designed an immersive and interactive art installation that combines projection mapping with gallery art. Blending the timeless aspects of the analog elegantly with the incomprehensible effects of digital, we present to you: Between the Dimensions.



Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Slack-Librium is a slacklining collective whose mission centers on building community and instilling positive change by teaching instructional slackline and mindfulness workshops at schools, festivals, camps and other events across the country. Slacklining, for those of you who don’t already know, is the act of balancing on a one to two inch piece of webbing that is tensioned between two objects, usually trees. More advanced “slackers” will then add various tricks and static yoga poses into their practice. Successful slacklining requires a seamless connection between body and mind, making slacklining an extreme form of movement meditation. Want to try it out? Our slack park will be open all weekend long at the Satellite Stage with Slack-Librium instructors onsite to demonstrate and help participants. Step into Slack-Librium, don’t be shy…

The Hammock Domes


The Edge Domes team will be installing 3 large Geodesic Domes this year. These installations are interactive, sustainable, and visually-pleasing. The domes will be used as a hammock lounge, a shade-structure, and as a shelter in case of rain. We will also have an aerial hoopist on our crew! The geodesic dome is considered to be a very efficient means of enclosing space. Asphere has the highest volume to surface area ratio of any three-dimensional shape. This means that material costs can be minimized without sacrificing interior space. A half-sphere allows for a maximum amount of floor space for a given surface area. The rounded shape allows air to circulate naturally around the dome. Geodesic domes are extremely stable structures. This is partly due to the fact the triangles, which are naturally stable polygons, are used throughout. This is one of the reasons triangles are so popular in homes, buildings, and bridges. In a geodesic dome, these triangles eliminate the need to include load-bearing walls without sacrificing stability. In addition, its curved surface offers a natural layer of protection from high winds and other environmental stresses. Geodesic domes have been used in such places as Antarctica where wind speeds can reach 200 miles per hour.

Big Red


“Big Red” is a massive version of a VW Bug. Street legal and rigged with a sound system, Big Red can throw a party anywhere he goes, and he’ll never fail to make people smile when he gets there. He’ll give you a lift, in every sense of the word, and he’s down for whatever. You want to cruise? He’ll hit the road. Want to hang? He’ll park it and chill. Feel like putting your feet up and relaxing awhile? He’s equipped with a comfy-cozy bed in the back. You can’t be blue when you’re around Big Red. After all, he’s the biggest little Bug you ever saw. #bigredbeetle

Houston Hands

Houston Hands

The Mulberry Huts are organic structures that use only strips of wood which are woven together to create large interactive domes.  Each dome provides shade during the day and at night is lit up by multiple LED lights creating a visual light show.

Bamboo: Linear Transformations


Linear Transformations uses bamboo to represent shifting planes through space while demonstrating the power and elegance of nature.

Snap-N- on the Mountain

snap n on the mountain

Expressive and collaborative Snap Pop art. Join Kellen and thousands of others to create unique visuals through this black light reactive process.

A Face for Riverside

a face for riverside

With a special love for Wakarusa and Riverside, Jeremy Ferrin has created the iconic Riverside sign to be displayed upon entry at Riverside.

The Young–Laplac Equation

young laplac

This is temporary installation involving crowd participation. Before selected acts at the satellite stage, we will distribute small vials of soap bubbles to the crowd. Everyone will create bubbles at the same time, making for temporary, but wildly photogenic moments.

GLO Zone


Inspired by the fresh water springs, caves, and vistas of the Ozarks, the GLO Zone consists of lamps whispering a tribal revival. Utilizing the latest technology with a splash of waka mud, Andy Smith creates lamps that beckon and remind the festival family that we are as ancient as the stars and as new as the latest post. Expect photogenic funk, solar powered illuminaria, and LED color fades straight out of the deep ocean.



Custom fabricated inflatable installation art streamed across Mulberry Mountain for your viewing pleasure.

Meet Me at the Marimba

meet me at the marimba

Meet Me at the Marimba (MMM) is a durable, colorful, interactive musical installation composed of 3 oversized marimbas suspended within a triangular ­based prism. With two mallets per bar set, the installation encourages up to six participants at a time to express their love of music communally. MMM will provide the opportunity for music lovers to be active participants in a shared musical collaboration or viewers enjoying the impromptu jams of their peers. In addition to being beautiful, spontaneously fun and engaging, MMM highlights the potential that an individual has to contribute to a community.

Nature Dreamweaver


For the 5th year in a row, Wakarusa welcomes back Nature Dreamweaver and his N.E.S.T. (New Earth Sacred Temple). He built his first nest in 2007 at Emergnsee Festival in Oregon and has building them all over the country and world at festivals ever since. They have been used for ceremonies, rituals, workshops, yoga, music, and more. Nature’s special request this year is that the nest truly be treated as a temple. The past two years, the nest has been left full of trash and art stolen. As respect to the artist and to one of our builders who passed in the new year (Mike Packard) we ask that you please only leave gifts and offerings in the nest to add to the beauty and intention. There are plenty of trash and recycle bins for everything else. The team spends a lot of time creating a sacred space for people to experience and we simply and humbly ask that it be treated as such.

Funktion Forms


Funktion Forms is a cutting edge visual design company that focuses on providing any kind of event with a completely original and highly creative atmosphere for the attending guests, artists, and industry. Through several different mediums our team of artists create multiple environments that will leave your audience speechless. Advanced lighting techniques in combination with various theatrical textiles result in a look that is innovative, functional, and completely unique. Our vision is to replace the standard, more traditional forms of event design and give people something that becomes just as important as the performance itself, so that the look and vibe of your event is that of total stimulation and creativity.

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