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    21 May 2014

    Waka Wednesday’s with Andy Frasco

    Andy Frasco & the U.N. will be performing a handful of Official Wakarusa Pre-party dates with Mike Dillion’s Band of Outsiders and Mouth, as well as MCing the Main Stage and performing two sets during the festival.  Come out to enjoy any of these great nights of live music and enter for your chance to win a pair of 3-day passes to Wakarusa 2014!

    Download Main Squeeze for free HERE!

    5.27 – Exit In – Nashville, TN

    5.28 – Minglewood – Memphis, TN

    5.29 – 2720 Cherokee - St. Louis, MO

    5.30 – Bottleneck – Lawrence, KS- FREE

    5.31 – CrossroadsKC – Kansas City, KS

    6.01 – Castle Theatre – Bloomington, IL

    6.02 – Mojo’s – Columbia, MO

    Andy Frasco, the 26-year old Los Angeles, CA native singer/songwriter/band maestro/entrepreneur/party-starter/everyday hustler, and his band of gypsies “The U.N.” have been dubbed “Party Blues with a touch of Barefoot Boogie.”  Frasco’s shows have been described as infectious, entertaining, and feel good.  His performances are recognized as orchestrated chaos, inciting frenzied, undeniable good times, dancing, and perhaps even a good ole fashion freak out.

    Frasco will also release their 3rd full-length album Half a Man the week of Wakarusa on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 on his own label, Fun Machine Records.  Produced by Grammy Award winner Charles Goodan, and recorded at the legendary East West Studios in Hollywood, California Half a Man is perhaps Frasco’s most distinct and divergent album to date, and as Frasco puts it; ”an album that compliments our live show; raw and soulful songs with my favorite musicians backing me up.”

    23 Apr 2014

    Waka Wednesday’s- Two New Camping Options!

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    Wakarusa is right around the corner, so we hope all of you beloved folks are getting hyped up. We’d like to take a minute to introduce you to some new happenings at the festival and give you a heads up. It is in great excitement to offer a couple new camping options. Please take a minute to learn about our new endeavors below.

    Glamping: This is our very first year to offer the incredible, globally spreading “Glamping”. We’ve partnered up with the incredible ConTentment and they’re sure to make camping a breeze. Offered to regular general admission and VIP, this is an all sure way to have your camping accommodations taken care of. From the tent, bed/s, pillows and blankets, all of the dirty set-up work is handled before you even arrive. Simply pull into the festival and bask in the glory of music, because you’ll have a super comfy place of rest waiting for you.

    Wakstar Tour Bus Package: If you’ve ever dreamed about living the life of a rock star, bring your friends and live out that dream! Wakstar takes festival life to a completely whole new level. A top of the line, fully functional tour bus will be waiting for your arrival. This option is fabulous for a group of friends or family. Up to 10 people can partake in this excellent package, utilizing the fully stocked refrigerator, functional bathrooms and SO MUCH MORE!

    We’d also like to give out a friendly reminder in regards to ticketing. Tickets have been selling at a rapid rate and the current price tier allotment is almost gone. Prices will increase on April 25th at 12:01pm CST.


    02 Apr 2014

    Waka Wednesday- Get Involved!

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    How do I get involved with Wakarusa? This question has always been a reoccurring one. Let us begin with the fact that Wakarusa was made for music lovers, by music lovers. By that, we mean that we all hard to start somewhere! There are 2 popular ways to get involved with behind the scenes action. By volunteering or becoming a member of the street team, you’re sure to get your feet in the door. Our festival wouldn’t be possible without the likes of devoted folks like you. Seriously, we deeply appreciate the eager, hardworking individual.  It’s made known and noted when we see someone who has a hankering to learn the world of Wakarusa. With some dedication, you’ll receive your event pass, help make the festival and still have time play!

    Street Team:  Becoming a part of street teaming is a lovely choice for the person who wants to get involved via pre-festival. Promotion is a key task while working on our street team. You’ll utilize the internet doing social media, distribute hand bills and represent the awesomeness that is Wakarusa. We’ll give you access to an exclusive fan community with tools and helpful hints on how to rock your job!

    Volunteering: This option is for the folks who want in on the action as it’s happening. There are SEVERAL departments to work in and never a dull moment. You could work anywhere from art, production, hospitality and site operations. All of these departments provide new learning’s and experience. You’ll be sure to leave with lasting relationships for years to come.

    Get involved in the music that makes your world go round! You’ll earn prizes, event tickets and enlighten your brain with the music industry. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!? Get signed up, pack your bags and we’ll see you there!

    26 Mar 2014

    Waka Wednesday-Battle Of The Campgrounds

    Wakarusa offers 3 tent-only campgrounds. Each one it’s own precious gem, catering to the masses. Festival goers from all over the world have their individual tastes. From shade to sunshine, early to bed or raging all night, have no fear; there’s the perfect option for you at Wakarusa. Here, we’ll break down the specifics of each camping area. All you’ll need to do is decide which one suits your fancy. Keep in mind that each location offers you a 450 square foot campsite, portable toilets, free water and a general store. Additionally, every campground will ensure you art, patron jam sessions, friendly faces, and most importantly, completely awesome experiences.

    Main Venue- This area is made for the person who likes to be IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION. Quite literally, your tent will be placed directly near everything you could ever imagine at Wakarusa. Main Venue Camping is within an ear shot of musical acts. It’s highly likely that you can dance under your make-shift shade canopy and still hear the lyrics (or bumpin’ bass-depending on which band is dishing out the beats at that time). Another pro about this druthers is the unimaginable sense of family. Folks are out and about 24/7 in this area. Your wanderings will be adventitious and you could end up with a new festy pal for life. Let us not forget another perk; you’re steps away from the trail head leading towards a gorgeous waterfall (friendly reminder: bring some comfy shoes for the hike).

    West Woods- Picture a magical forestland packed with trees as the sunlight beams through and that would be West Woods. It’s a true nature lovers paradise, perfect for the hammock guru. Located directly west of Main Venue, you can get there in approximately 10 minutes of jumps, skips and frolics (walking works also if that’s what you prefer). If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a little TLC and R&R, this is definitely the choice for you.

    Riverside- Down by the river, it’s a mesh of everything wonderful. This year we’re taking Riverside to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. For the first time ever, Riverside patrons can set up camp on Wednesday instead of Thursday. We’ve added art and music to ensure that you’ll always be within the festival vibe. As always, we offer a free 24 hour shuttle to and from Main Venue (we’ll take one for the team because we care- your very own personal Designated Driver). Folks can get away from the hustle and bustle for a minute and enjoy this campground. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind while having a blast. So, what is there to do while you’re snug as a bug in the area of chill-land? Obviously there’s a natural  river and it’s one you WON’T want to miss out on. Cool down and take advantage of the swimming hole while experiencing Mother Nature at her finest.

    We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again- the ladies at Pipeline Ticketing are here to help. There are no dumb questions in our book, so feel free to reach out. Making sure you have the best festival journey is very important to us!

    Call us Monday-Friday 11am-4pm CST (785)-749-3434 or email to info@wakarusa.com

    19 Mar 2014

    Waka Wednesday- Trivia

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    1. What is the nickname of Highway 23 that runs on Mulberry Mountain?

    A. Curveball

    B. Midnight Run

    C. Pig Trail

    D. Hog Run


    2. Who typically sponsors the yearly Wakarusa Costume Contest?

    A. Mulberry Mountain

    B. Harvest Music Festival

    C. Grassroots

    D. Technaflora


    3. Which artist is the Wakarusa 2014 MC?

    A. Cherub

    B. The Floozies

    C. Wayne Coyne

    D. Andy Frasco


    4. What breed of dog are the specially trained help volunteers named after?

    A. Shih-Tzu

    B. St. Bernard

    C. Labradoodle

    D. Bulldog


    5. What special gem awaits every patron after an intense hike into the Ozark National Forrest?

    A. Waterfall

    B. Zoo

    C. Sassy The Sasquatch’s family

    D. Crystal Cave



    1.) C- Named from the rugged and forested route through the Ozark Mountains, this scenic byway is gorgeous. 2.) D- Technaflora Plant Products LTD. 3.) D- Andy Frasco will be entertaining you throughout the festival. 4.) B- Don’t be shy, ask any roaming St. Bernard volunteer for assistance! 5.) A- Bring some legit hiking shoes and a bathing suite, you won’t want to miss this beautiful nature area!

    05 Mar 2014

    Wakarusa Wednesday-Trivia

    Wakarusa Wednesday-Trivia

    Freshen up your memory with some questions you may or may not know!

    1. Which of these is NOT a stage name at Wakarusa?

    A- Backwoods Stage

    B- Post Tent C- Main Stage

    D- Revival Tent

    2. How many ticketed camping options are there total?

    A- 3

    B- 7

    C- 9

    D- 5

    3. What wildlife will you NOT find on Mulberry Mountain?

    A- American Black Bear

    B- Armadillo

    C- Elk

    D- Grizzly Bear

    4. How many states have Wakarusa Ticket Outlets?

    A- 4

    B- 8

    C- 12

    D- 5

    5. What year did The Lumineers play on the Backwoods Stage?

    A- 2012

    B- 2013

    C- 2009

    D- 2011

    ANSWERS: 1.) B- The correct name for this stage is “Outpost Tent”. ALWAYS plentiful of music, love and lights! 2.) C- That’s right folks, we like to give you an ample amount options (TENT OR RV). Post up in close proximity to water at Riverside, chill the hammock life at Westwoods or rage deep in the action at Main Venue. We have you covered! 3.) D- Whoa! We’ll pass on the gigantic, furry and tempered Grizzly Bears! 4.) A- Visit your local ticket outlet today and save! 5.) A- Ahh, now that’s one show we’ll NEVER forget! 2014 Lineup may have a few little revelations as well.

    19 Feb 2014

    Wakarusa Wednesday-What Makes Wakarusa SO Special?

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    Wakarusa Wednesday-What Makes Wakarusa SO Special?

    There are thousands of festivals in the United States, but what makes Wakarusa stand out from all the rest? The fact that we’re solely independent and created from the ground up certainly sets us apart. Each individual that attends this event is taken into consideration (I’m not joking, we seriously love your face). Many patrons use Wakarusa as their vacation, a time to escape, and to let every existing worry melt away.

    The early morning mountain dew, subtle mid afternoon breezes and immaculate sunsets hold true to Mulberry Mountain. Now, I won’t pretend like Mother Nature is ALWAYS on our side (sometimes she’s having one of those moods and nobody can control that). She’s splashed down an all heavy glory of rain on us and even covered our paths in mud. How does this seem to ever be appealing to Wakarusa? When the weather takes it’s toll, you all become one. It’s absolutely incredible to see people come together, remain positive and continue to have the best time of their lives.

    The overall cultural sound experience of our festival is one not to be forgotten. Here at Wakarusa, we love to bring in a variety of music. This incredible diversity comes from all over the world. Past line-up examples include:  Bombino , Tinariwen and Amon Tobin. This year, Rusty Shackle will be coming to Wakarusa for their VERY FIRST gig in the United States.

    Next, Wakarusa has a general atmosphere of goodwill. Festy mode quickly turns to “game on” once each patron passes through the entry gate. Stress flies out of the window. Immediately music, family, love and nature become in sync. Our festival is truly one place that strangers look out for strangers.

    Another exciting part of the festival is the love and dedication that goes into it. By this, we mean the love that YOU put into Wakarusa. So many folks prepare for their time on the mountain months before hand. The costumes, decorations, campsite home bases and let us not forget the awesome rage sticks! The added ambiance is a large part of what makes Wakarusa feel like home.

    We truly can’t wait to see you all at Wakarusa 2014!

    12 Feb 2014

    Wakarusa Wednesday – Bring It!

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    Have you ever been to a festival and thought of some staple items you should have thrown in the ol’ bag? Maybe you’ve never been to an event of these sorts and are curious of exactly what’s important. Obviously YOU’RE important, the MUSIC is important, but there’s some luxuries in life that’ll make the whole experience ideal. We’re here to help and we have your back. Today, we’ll begin with one item that definitely ranks important on the packing list. Stay tuned, we’ll touch base on more items each week!

    1. Toilet Paper- Pack a few rolls and you’ll become “King/Queen of Wakarusa”; hero to every forgetful, hippie flower-child.

    Unless you’re feeling extremely resourceful in using the leaves of Mother Nature (I don’t recommend that-poison ivy itches), you’re going to need some toilet paper. Wakarusa has a phenomenal Site Crew that keeps the port-o-potties restocked, but this isn’t the only place you’ll need the TP. Although we provide it, you’ll definitely want your own stash! There are tens of thousands of reasons why you could need this awesome product, other than doing your business.

    Here are some examples:

    a.) You just made yourself a delicious veggie wrap of epic proportions. The first bite is so delicious that it inches it’s way into every taste bud. Before you know it, it’s viscid spread is all over your hands (possibly your shirt, depending on how tasty it is). You don’t want to wipe it’s remnants all over your cleanest festival wear, now do you? Reach on over for that toilet paper and you have yourself a handy clean-up tool.

    b.) One of your all time FAVORITE bands in the entire world has presented themselves among a Wakarusa stage. The show begins, the music gets intense as it rushes through your inner soul. The vibes of Mulberry Mountain become apparent and you can feel the love all around you. Each beat of bass pulses into your chest. At precisely that point, you begin to weep with the inner joy that only such a band can produce. Those tears of joy might start flowing like the great Mississippi River. Ball up that toilet paper in your hand and let it soak up those tears of music bliss.

    c.) There comes a time when you may feel on the brink of a sound induced coma after hours upon hours of raging. Honestly, noise level probably doesn’t matter that much to most of us. In reality though, you need to take care of those precious little ears of yours! Sound technicians are highly trained and know the safe levels. But still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your ear drums a little extra love here and there. Did you know that toilet paper makes the perfect ear plugs? That’s right folks, break off a little piece and roll it up. It’ll fit perfectly and ensure a little sound pressure vacation.

    d.) Lastly, but certainty not least; perhaps you meet yourself a foxy little festy lover. Your mobile device is probably long dead on the battery level, so how are you supposed to get their contact info!? Stay calm, write it down on your handy roll of toilet paper. (Bring a writing utensil as well). There has been many of romantic love stories blossom from Wakarusa, so trust me on this one!

    These amazing TP tricks will make your festival life a brilliant one!

    With all of this being said, you may be wondering how to dispose of your highly useful paper product? Here on Mulberry Mountain, Recycling makes our hearts all warm and fuzzy. Wakarusa has an incredible recycling system in place and even dishes out complimentary bags upon arrival. Get involved in the action of Recycalusa. We’ll take every full bag of your good doing at the festival and give you a special prize!

    05 Feb 2014

    Wakarusa Wednesday: Trivia

    How much do you know about Wakarusa? Go ahead, give it a shot!

    1.) In what YEAR did the first Wakarusa take place?

    a. 1998

    b. 2004

    c. 2012

    d. 1992

    2.) In what STATE did the first Wakarusa take place?

    a. Oregon

    b. Arkansas

    c. Kansas

    d. Missouri

    3.) What does “Wakarusa” mean?

    a. Big Sea Water

    b. Medicine Drink

    c. Ass Deep

    d. Shooting Star

    4.) What is the name of Wakarusa’s local independent ticketing company?

    a. Pipeline Ticketing

    b. Rocket Tickets

    c. Event Pass Tickets

    d. Mountain Directions

    5.) Which activity can you participate in at the festival?

    a. Disc Golf

    b. Hiking

    c. Canoeing

    d. all of the above


    1.) B- Wakarusa made it’s first start in the year of 2004. The festival came in strong by hosting bands like STS9, Leftover Salmon, Spoon, Galactic and Tea Leaf Green. To this day, Wakarusa continues to feature Grammy Award Winning Acts.

    2.) C- Our festival made it’s appearance outside of Lawrence, Kansas at Clinton State Park. In 2009, Wakarusa packed it’s bags and made Arkansas home.

    3.) C- The word “Wakarusa” is derived from the meaning “Ass Deep”.  Named after a well known river near the festivals birthplace, Wakarusa River has been described as being “ass deep” in water depth.

    4.) A- We like to keep our eggs in one basket. To keep service charges low and to ensure patrons with the best customer service, we handle our own ticketing. Pipeline Ticketing is compiled of a few friendly ladies working in a local, independent company. Feel free to share your thoughts, questions or concerns with us at any time!

    5.) D- That’s right folks, we have a little bit of everything on the mountain. If you feel like taking a break from the music, we have you covered when it comes to outdoor activities. We’ll give you detailed information on activities soon, so please be patient!

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