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    27 May 2014

    Top 10 Places You May Run Into Sassy the Sasquatch at Wakarusa

    Wakarusa Music Festival is coming up fast! There is so much to look forward to, so many things to do. The lineup is epic, the campsites are gorgeous, there are tons of activities and artwork to admire. Plus, the elusive party animal Sassy the Sasquatch will be coming out of hiding for the rager of the year! Want to party with the Sassquatch? Keep an eye out and you just might find the ultimate party animal throughout the festival!

    10. Technaflora’s Costume Parade – One of the few places a Squatch can hang out without being singled-out is the costume parade Friday at 7:15 p.m. To join in the fun meet at the Revival Tent at 6:45 p.m.!

    9. Shakedown Street – With convenient locations between the Revival Tent and Main Stage as well as amongst main venue camping near the Satellite stage, who can resist the amazing souvenirs, clothes, art work and delicious food? Not Sassy!

    8. The fishin’ pond – Even in the midst of glorious music and a non-stop party, Sassy the Sassquatch has to have some time to chill. What better way to rest up between sets than fishin’ in the pond?

    7. The showers – Wakarusa is Sassy’s annual party, it is also the Sasquatch’s single opportunity to get a much-needed shower. Nothing feels more refreshing than a nice cleansing soak after a year of stomping through the woods and some wild concert shenanigans!

    6. The Recyclarusa booth – Nobody loves Mother Earth as much as Sassy, but we can all do our part to keep Mulberry Mountain clean! Located at the intersection of Revival Road and Third Street, just outside the concert gates, you can drop off your recycling at the Recyclarusa booth and maybe catch a glimpse of a Sasquatch doing its part too!

    5. The Ferris Wheel – Sasquatches don’t get a lot of chances to ride a Ferris Wheel. In fact, when’s the last time you rode one? Wakarusa offers an astounding view from the top of the wheel, so beautiful even Sassy can overcome its’ fear of heights!

    4. Non-profit booths – Wakarusa is proud to partner with a number of non-profit organizations that work towards great causes. Sassy the Sasquatch is happy to support these organizations and get involved. You should check them out!

    3. The waterfall – Hiking through nature is Sassy’s specialty. The most cherished hidden gem of Wakarusa is the natural beauty of the waterfall down the hiking trail. It’s the perfect spot to get in tune with nature and perhaps spot a sasquatch too!

    2. Yoga – There’s nothing like a good yoga session after a full day and long night raging. Sassy the Sasquatch loves to center itself with a good morning stretch! A party-squatch has to stay limber for all the fun of Wakarusa!

    1. The stages – The main attraction that brings us all together is the music. Sassy is a big music lover, so you can bet the sasquatch will be there for fantastic concerts throughout the festival! Party like a Sassquatch and you might just run into Sassy at one of the countless sets played by over 150 bands on the 6 different stages!

    Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 is going to be the best Waka yet! Sassy knows it and so do you! Come up to Mulberry Mountain for an experience like no other! Music, camping, art and community!

    20 May 2014

    Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wakarusa

    Wakarusa Music Festival is well-known and well-loved with thousands of loyal fans – or as we like to call them, family – but there there is so much more to Wakarusa than meets the eye. You may think you know everything there is to Waka, or you might be a first-timer, but there is always something new to discover. You are never too old to learn something new and that goes for Wakarusa too! Here are just a few things you might not know about Wakarusa!

    10. Wakarusa first began in 2004! It’s been 11 years and Wakarusa is better than ever! The little-festival-that-could, Waka’s humble beginnings have fostered a beautiful setting for music and love, bringing together all kinds of artists and all kinds of people from across the country and around the world to join in celebration of creativity and nature!

    9. Wakarusa was originally set up outside of Lawrence, KS – Still a bastion of loyal Waka vets, Lawrence, Kansas was the birthplace of this fantastic music festival. Old hands from Lawrence can attest that the drive down to Arkansas is worthwhile, considering how fun Wakarusa always is and the amazing beauty of Mulberry Mountain!

    8. The word “Wakarusa” is derived from the meaning “Ass Deep”.  Named after a well known river near the festivals birthplace, Wakarusa River has been described as being “ass deep” in water depth.

    7. This year Wakarusa features 6 stages! Main Stage, Revival Tent, Backwoods Stage, Outpost Tent, Satellite Stage and Riverside Stage! Keep track of what acts are playing when and where and be sure to keep a map handy so you know where you’re going. There is so much to see and do!

    6. Interstellar Meltdown – a Festival within a Festival! Any fans of electronic music need to be aware of all that’s going down!

    5. There are Art Installations throughout the festival grounds! Check out some art work and contribute a little of your own creativity on the living chalkboard!

    4. Do you know how many fun and wild Activities there are to participate in at Wakarusa? Get crazy or learn something new! It’s all there for you!

    3. Wakarusa is partnered with several Non-profit organizations for political, environmental, health and social activism.

    2. You can go Glamping at Wakarusa and camp in style!

    1. There are over 150 acts performing this year! The Lineup is HUGE! Big, epic bands and new, budding artists from near and far, international phenomenons and homegrown local musicians, Wakarusa Music Festival brings it all together to share an unforgettable experience! It is outstanding!

    13 May 2014

    Top 10 Iconic Symbols at Wakarusa

    Wakarusa Music Festival has a unique spirit about it, unlike any other music festival or gathering. The music, the artwork, the attitude, the land itself, it’s iconic. Once someone has been to Waka, they never forget. There are dozens of sights and sounds that will invoke memories of Wakarusa and make a soul long for that fresh mountain air, the welcoming signs, the natural beauty and artistic experience that you cannot find anywhere else. Here are just a few iconic symbols that Wakarusa fans know and love.

    Veteran Wakarusa fanatics know them. New members of the family can look forward to seeing them. These are all iconic symbols of Wakarusa Music Festival. It is an experience unlike any other, an adventure, an escape, a dream come true, it is everything anyone could want in a music festival and more! Over the years, Wakarusa has become a symbolic event for music lovers and it in turn has quite a number of iconic symbols. These images and ideas are thrilling reminders of all the fun that is coming up just around the corner. If you have been to Wakarusa before, they evoke memories of great times and amazing experiences of years past.

    06 May 2014

    Top 10 Workshops at Wakarusa

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    Wakarusa Music Festival hosts lots of interesting, interactive workshops of all kinds! Whether you are in an artistic mood, want to learn a new skill or just try something new, Wakarusa has a workshop for you!

    10. Living Chalkboard – One of many Art Installations throughout Wakarusa is the Living Chalkboard, an interactive place for everyone to create, share and collaborate on massive chalkboards with an array of colors to create living, growing, changing works of art! Check out the chalkboards on your way to shows to admire art that is by everyone, for everyone and feel free to add your own work to the boards!

    9. Slack-librium Slackline Park – Slacklining, for those of you who don’t already know, is the act of balancing on a one to two inch piece of webbing that is tensioned between two objects, usually trees. More advanced “slackers” will then add various tricks and static yoga poses into their practice. The slack park will be open all weekend long at Wakarusa with Slack-Librium instructors on-site to help you get the hang of it!

    8. Social Napping Network – This eight person hammock installation will provide a relaxing environment for anyone who needs a break from all the excitement. Each hammock will be equipped with a rain fly to provide a break from the environments, rain or shine, so don’t hesitate to stop by if you need a breather!

    7. Costume Contest and Parade – Friday, wear your costume all around, as Wakarusa staff will be out and about choosing finalists to get Golden Tickets! Then, meet at the Main General Store (closest to Main Stage) at 7:15 p.m. Friday to join the parade to the Main Stage where finalists with Golden Tickets will be called to the Main Stage for the final vote. One winner will receive FREE TICKETS to Wakarusa 2015!

    6. Alice Steuerwald Presents: “Body’s Journey” — Daily Yoga – Practice Yoga with Alice Steuerwald in a daily “Body’s Journey.” Begin each morning with a sense of peace and freedom in your body, while developing awareness of self through breath and proprioception. Start each day off right with healthy, peaceful, awakening yoga!

    5. The Geodome – A 13ft. x 22ft, steel constructed 3v Geodesic Dome with multi-hammock instillation. Stop by to inspire, meet and share the world around you within a unique space with unique people.

    4. Theme Days – Join the roaming performance troupes with daily dress up themes! Thursday’s Theme: Rep Your State. Friday’s Theme: Friday Night Disco. Saturday’s Theme: Prom Saturday. Sunday’s Theme: Sunday Luau

    3. Recyclarusa Raffle – Bring a full bag of recycling to the Recycalusa Booth (check your program for location) and earn free swag from Wakarusa bands, artists and vendors. Sort your bag of recyclable trash to earn a raffle ticket good for one entry into a drawing for free Wakarusa 2015 tickets!

    2. Brandon Draper’s World Music Workshops – Brandon uses games, humor, non-verbal communication and lots of energy to bring groups together with rhythm. This 50 minute program is for children ages 1-100. Hand percussion instruments are provided for all participants. Add to the music Saturday June 7 & Sunday June 8, 11:00am at The Untz Satellite Stage.

    1. STL Hoop Club’s Hoop & Flow Workshop – Each daily workshop will offer a new chance for discovery within your play while incorporate yoga, the single hoop, and multiples, all while challenge the body and mind. Hoops will be available to borrow and to purchase at the workshops. Join the STL Hoop Club daily Thursday through Sunday at the location and time listed in the Events Schedule. Hoop on!


    Join the STL Hoop Club's Hoop & Flow Workshop Daily — 10:30 am – 11:30 am — Grassroots California Outpost Stage (Hoops Provided)!

    Join the STL Hoop Club’s Hoop & Flow Workshop Daily — 10:30 am – 11:30 am — Grassroots California Outpost Stage (Hoops Provided)!

    29 Apr 2014

    Top 10 Essential Camping Items You’ll Need at Wakarusa

    The key to a great camping experience is having the right stuff. There are some essentials that everyone should have to keep cool in the heat, prepare for weather, and most importantly, have fun! Here’s our list of top 10 essential items for camping at Wakarusa!

    10. Shade – Whether you have a sweet sun hat or a pavilion to set up at base camp, shade is key when the sun is feeling extra-friendly. If nothing else, a tent is a good source of shade and shelter between sets.

    9. Rain gear – Just in case! You never know when Mother Nature is going to have an off day, so bring a poncho, an umbrella or just a towel.

    8. Clothes for any weather – Related to Rain gear, it’s a good idea to bring some warm clothes as well as light, cool stuff for fun in the sun. Obviously it’s a summer music festival in sunny Arkansas, so bring plenty of clothes to keep cool in the heat, but don’t be caught off guard if it cools off last at night. Pack a jacket and some pants just in case!

    7. Tent – Um, duh. A basic necessity of most any camping adventure is a tent to crash in. Ride in style with glamping, or just bring a basic set-up, either way, you’ll have a comfortable home base to come back to when you need a pause between epic rage-fests.

    6. Sunscreen – As previously mentioned, it gets sunny up on Mulberry Mountain. You can’t hide in the shade all day, so bring some sunscreen and rock on all day without getting burned!

    5. Sleeping bag or blankets – Obviously if you’re planning to sleep you ought to bring something comfortable to sleep in/on. Some people  might think a hammock is optimal, but for me nothing beats a nice soft sleeping bag. Curl up inside when it’s cool at night and roll out and lie on top of it when it warms up in the morning. Winning!

    4. T.P. – For so many reasons I could never list them all nor emphasize enough, T.P. is essential, so bring a roll and keep some in your pocket when you’re on the go. Multi-purpose and invaluable, don’t get caught without some!

    3. Food – There are plenty of vendors around the festival selling dank foods you will want to eat again and again, but having munchies at your base is key to a good camping trip. Bring some nutritious foods to keep you fueled and treat yo’self with your favorite snacks to chow on whenever you want!

    2. Comfortable footwear – Whether you want to go hiking or just go from stage to stage seeing different bands, your favorite shoes, boots or flip-flops are key. I recommend something that won’t slip off and get swallowed in a little mud or get lost in the dark at night.

    1. Water – Essential to survival in any setting, water is the number one thing you want to bring with in large quantities for your camping trip. It’s the basic fuel that keeps the body going so you can keep partying and it’s refreshing in the heat too. If all else fails, a nice water-bottle-shower is also a nice, easy way to clean up after a wild night.

    Be sure to bring these essentials and you are guaranteed to have a great time camping at Wakarusa Music Festival!

    15 Apr 2014

    Top 10 Must Haves for Wakarusa

    Here are the Top 10 things you Must have at Wakarusa Music Festival!

    10. Map/Schedule – There is no easier way to catch every epic set by all the bands you want to see other than keeping track with a map and schedule of set lists. These handy guides are available all over the place and easily fit in a pocket or bag. Keep one with you and never miss the action!

    9. Sunscreen – It gets gloriously bright upon Mulberry Mountain. When the sun is shining and the bands are playing you don’t want to get burnt before the night time festivities! So make sure to cover any exposed skin with something to protect you and stay cool!

    8. Comfortable footwear – Whether you like to kick it in your flip-flops or stomp around in mud boots, be sure to bring some footwear you can party in all day and through the night!

    7. T.P. – Real talk, sometimes you are just going to need it. Multipurpose and invaluable when the facilities are especially busy, keep some with you and thank me later!

    6.  Sleeping Gear – You might want to party non-stop but sometime in those four awesome days you will want to crash. Be prepared with gear to protect you in case of a summer rain or that pesky sun!

    5. Camera – Capture the epic concerts and immortalize good times with friends with a picture! Whether it’s your phone, digital or old-school, a camera is an essential part of any adventure and Wakarusa is nothing if not an adventure!

    4. Money – Between the delicious foods, radical clothes and sweet souvenirs for sale around Wakarusa, you are going to be glad you saved up and brought a little spending money.

    3. Dank food/Snacks – Nothing like chowing down on your favorite snacks or camping food at home base or on the move. Bring along some nutritious fuel to keep you going and some treats to enjoy too!

    2. Water – The key to surviving any music festival; water is absolutely vital. Bring water with you and keep a bottle handy so you can refill it as necessary.

    1. Good friends – Travel with your crew and you are all set, plus there are tons of chill folks at Wakarusa there to have fun and make new friends!


    04 Mar 2014

    Top 10 TV Performances by Waka 2014 Artists

    Here are our Top 10 favorite TV Performances by the artists on the 2014 Waka Lineup!

    10. Black Joe Lewis on Late Show with David Letterman

    9. Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers on Conan O’Brien

    8. Xavier Rudd on Jimmy Kimmel Live

    7. Moon Taxi on Conan O’Brien

    6. Dr. Dog on Late Show with David Letterman

    5. Michael Franti & Spearhead on Late Show with David Letterman

    4. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros on Late Show with David Letternman

    3. String Cheese Incident on ACL Live

    2. John Butler Trio on Conan O’Brien

    1. The Flaming Lips on Late Show with David Letterman

    25 Feb 2014

    Wakarusa’s Top 10 Mulberry Mountain Experiences

    Wakarusa’s Top 10 Mulberry Mountain Experiences

    10. Lounge in the Hammock Village at the Satellite
    Every morning, the tree line at the Satellite Stage is transformed into an oasis of bass and ENO hammocks. The perfect way to start your day…or end your night.



    9. Ride the Ferris Wheel
    Epic views. Killer lights. Incredible memories. It’s a no brainer

    8. The Pig Trail
    There’s only one way in to Wakarusa.  The lanes are narrow and the switchbacks are scary. But the view is out-of-this-world. Remember…sometimes, getting there is half the fun.

    7. Play a Round of Disc Golf
    There is a professional, 9 hole course right in the middle of Mulberry Mountain. Pack your discs and keep an eye out for impromptu tournaments and ill-advised, drunken bets. All-Waka-long.


    6. Chompdown
    Honestly, it may be the best part of the festival. The one thing that truly sets Wakarusa apart from the rest of the pack. Each year, hundreds of people coming together for a fan-sponsored community breakfast, in celebration of life, music, food…and Rabbit. The experiences we have had and friendships that we have forged at Chompdown are unlike any other. Check out this video to see exactly why Chompdown was an easy shoe-in for a spot on this week’s top 10 list.

    5. Become an Astral Gypsy Puppet
    Because everyone wants to experience what it is  like to become a gigantic version of Hunter S. Thompson or a walking mushroom. You gotta try it…at least once.



    4. Enjoy the Mulberry River
    If you’re camping in Main Venue or West Woods, then take a break from the music and hop on the shuttle to Riverside for an afternoon dip. Or for you adventurous types…head a little further to Byrd’s Adventure Center for a relaxing, midday canoe trip.

    3. Hike to the Waterfall
    It’s a right of passage for every Wakarusian. It ain’t easy. But the waterfall is worth the effort. Special note: leave the beer at your campsite. This hike takes you through the Ozark National Forest and off of the privately owned land at Mulberry Mountain.

    2. Sunset
    The time of day that the sun disappears and daylight fades away…all your worries fade away as you prepare for Interstellar Meltdown.

    Wakarusa 2013 © Spady Photography

    1. Sunrise
    There’s just nothing quite like a sunrise on Mulberry Mountain.  You can spend it gettin’ down at the Satellite Stage, resting in your hammock off in the tree line or enjoying morning coffee with your new-found friends…our point? Make it a point to experience at least one sunrise during Wakarusa this year.

    18 Feb 2014

    Top 10 Things You Might Miss While Attending Wakarusa (A Lyrical Recap)

    Top 10 Things You Might Miss While Attending Wakarusa (A Lyrical Recap)

    10. The Family Reunion
    June is prime time for all of your distant relatives to get together and pretend like they like each other. Skip the chaos. Go to Wakarusa.

    “Blood’s thicker than the mud
    It’s a family affair.”
    Sly and the Family Stone “A Family Affair”

    9. Summer School
    It’s the Summer, yo! You’re supposed to be partying, not studying! Let your mind relax and head to Wakarusa in lieu of another dreaded Summer School Session.

    “Out for summer
    Out til Fall
    We might not go back at all”
    Alice Cooper “School’s Out”

    8. Your Job
    We all have one. Wakarusa may be your only chance to escape the grind for a few days.

    “Well I didn’t go to work, told the boss I was sick
    ‘Well you can’t use the car ’cause you didn’t work a lick’
    Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
    But there ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues”
    Eddie Cochran “Summertime Blues”

    7. Your Boss at Your Job
    Don’t let an overzealous boss put the kibosh on the greatest weekend of your life.

    “You hate your boss at your job
    But in your dreams, you can blow his head off.
    And your dreams show no mercy.”
    The Flaming Lips “Bad Days”

    6. Your Significant Other
    So you wanna go to Waka but your BF/GF just isn’t that into it. Throw a little JT on the speakers and let them know that you’ll be heading to Mulberry Mountain anyway.

    “I can’t wait to fall in love with you
    You can’t wait to fall in love with me
    This just can’t be summer love”
    Justin Timberlake “Summer Love”

    5. Your Ex Significant Other
    Getting away from your ex may be all the reason that you need to take the plunge and purchase your Waka tickets. Chances are that if they liked Waka, they would like you. And vice versa. Time to let it go.

    “You and I are the past cest la vie,
    And I’m out with the next girl”
    Gangstarr “Ex Girl to the Next Girl”

    4. Your Favorite TV Show
    It’s the reason that God invented the DVR. Set it to record, and get your ass on the road to Waka! As they say, the revolution will not be televised.

    “Skip out for beer during commercials
    Because the revolution will not be televised”
    Gil Scott Heron “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

    3. Your Dog
    He might be your best friend, but you still gotta leave Fido at home! Call the local kennel and try to get over that borderline-weird emotional attachment you have to your canine brethren. It’s time to start making plans!

    “If you need a companion
    Well just go right to the pound
    And find yourself a hound
    And make that doggie proud”
    Nellie McKay “The Dog Song”

    2. Your Bed
    Camping may not be for everyone, but everyone camps at Waka! Abandon your creature comforts for a few days so that you can fully embrace the festival experience. After all, sharing a sleeping bag with a friend (or a stranger) has its perks!

    “We are friends in a sleeping bag splitting the heat
    We have one filthy pillow to share…”
    Amanda Palmer “The Bed Song”

    1. Reality
    Ok, so maybe you don’t really “miss the real world” while you’re raging on Mulberry Mountain. But that moment when you first reenter society after the festival is always awkward. Moral of the story? Create your OWN reality.

    “The nature of reality
    Is only in your mind”
    Oasis “The Nature of Reality”

    11 Feb 2014

    Top 7 Waka Moments: “Before They Were Stars”

    Top 7 Waka Moments: “Before They Were Stars”

    Wakarusa is widely recognized for it’s diverse lineup and cutting edge approach to booking talent. Here are 7 moments from the Wakarusa archives that have helped to solidify Wakarusa as a breeding ground for up-and-coming talent.

    #7. Bassnectar – 2006
    Long before he was a household name, Bassnectar was gracing Wakarusa with his massive presence. Up until this point, Wakarusa had been known as a jamband festival and Bassnectar was a name that was hardly recognized outside of the Burning Man community. This was one of the key turning points for the festival, and for Bassnectar’s explosion into modern festival culture.

    #6. The Avett Brothers – 2006
    2006 was a huge year for breakout artists at Wakarusa. The Avett Brothers were still a year away from seeing their 2007 release, “Emotionalism”, break into the Billboard Top 200. Today, The Avett Brothers have since become a staple in America’s mainstream music culture. Since 2006, The Avetts have headlined Wakarusa (2012) and appeared on stage at the 2011 Grammy Awards, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Late Night with David Letterman and more.

    #5. EOTO – 2008
    Before they were a Wakarusa staple, they were known as “EOTO – featuring Michael Travis & Jason Hann of SCI.” Their one-of-a-kind live performance took the Waka World by storm for the first time in 2008. Wakarusa’s final year at Clinton Lake State Park in Lawrence, KS would set the tone for the future of the festival.

    #4. Big Gigantic – 2010
    Big G was just breaking onto the scene. Dominic Lalli was still widely recognized as “that guy from The Motet.” Their performance in The Outpost Tent in 2010 has gone down in Wakarusa lore as one of the most groundbreaking sets since the move to Mulberry Mountain.

    #3. SBTKRT – 2011
    Do you remember this legendary set at The Satellite Stage in 2011? Wakarusa was one of the very first festivals to book the international UK Indie-pop/Post-dubstep superstar…and chances are, you didn’t get the memo. Since storming onto the scene as a relative unknown in 2011, SBTRKT has gone on to become a global phenom amongst critics and fans alike.

    #2. Pretty Lights – 2009
    It was the first night of Wakarusa since the move from Kansas to Arkansas. Gov’t Mule had taken the main stage as the Thursday night headliner. But the campgrounds were buzzing about this relatively unknown producer/drummer duo out of Boulder, CO known simply as, “Pretty Lights.” The Outpost Tent was packed on that fateful Thursday night with a healthy mix of PL fans and curious passers-by. It was one of biggest dance parties in the history of Wakarusa. Everyone left that sweaty tent with an undeniable feeling that live music was about to go through an evolution that would be unlike anything that this generation of music fans had seen.

    #1. The Lumineers – 2012
    The Lumineers were an unknown act when they were announced as part of Wakarusa’s 2012 lineup. And not much had changed by the time that they arrived at The Backwoods Stage for their set in 2012. Their performance went down in front of a passionate, yet quaint audience who KNEW they were seeing something special. The Lumineers would go on to be nominated for multiple Grammy Awards after peaking at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 in January 2013.

    04 Feb 2014

    Top 10 People That You Will Meet at Wakarusa

    Top 10 People That You Will Meet at Wakarusa

    10. The Festival Virgin
    They’re excitable, they’re young and they’re full of wonder. They’re also inexperienced and, sometimes, woefully unprepared. You may need to remind them to drink more water or loan them a roll of toilet paper, but, in exchange, you get to experience Wakarusa vicariously through the child-like perspective of a first-timer. Train them well. They are the future of your festival.

    9. The Raver
    Their clothes are so bright that you may need to wear sunglasses just to take a glance in their general direction. They claim to be festivals-goers, but they have never even imagined something as immersive and expansive as Wakarusa. They might school you on the Beatport Top 10, but be prepared to teach them a history lesson when you try to have a discussion about ’95 Dead Tour and the Gatecrashers at Deer Creek.

    8. The Old School Hippie
    He’s never heard of Bassnectar, but he can recall exactly how he felt in 1965 when Bob Dylan plugged in for the first time. He may not make it to the Sunrise Sets, but he will see more music between noon and midnight on the first day of the festival than you will see all weekend. He hasn’t had a haircut since Jerry died, and who-knows-what could be living inside of that beard?! But, alas, he was a trailblazer who probably has valuable wisdom to share with you. Listen.

    7. The Wook
    The Wook lives in secret. His place of origin is unknown. He has no car, no tent and no money. You offer him food, water and companionship. In return, you are subjected to outlandish tour stories and, most noticeably, an incessant reminder that deodorant is everyone’s friend.

    6. The Jaded Vet
    He saw Jerry 107 times and started listening to Phish the same year that you were born. Everything you say to the Jaded Vet is irrelevant. He loves to hate on anything and everything that is happening right now. Let him be.

    5. The Hula-Hooper
    They are one with the hoop. They can make that circle of fun move around their bodies in ways that defy all rational thought. The hooper typically arrives with a trunk full of hoops and a handful of costumes. And they’re always eager to share them with anyone who cares. Go ahead. Pick one up and show us what ya got. We’re laughing WITH you; not AT you. Promise.

    4. The Campsite Snorer
    Every camp has one. That mysterious freight train that barrels through your campsite every night just before you close your eyes. You take another shot of whiskey to try to dampen the noise, but it’s just not helping. Note to self: Remember to pack the earplugs.

    3. The Brah
    You can usually find them sporting a limited edition, hand-painted flat-brim cap. Their heady crystal wrap cost more than your first car. The Brah may pad his Phantasy Tour stats to deter any discussions about that year he spent hitch-hiking to John Mayer shows. The Brah loves Wakarusa. He is friendly, experienced and ready for whatever. The only question is…can you keep up?

    2. The Lovers
    The story is all-too-familiar. They met at Wakarusa. They fell in love at Wakarusa. And now, they are on their honeymoon at Wakarusa. Take a moment and listen to their Waka-Love-Story. Who knows–maybe you’re next.

    1. YOU
    You arrive as one thing, but you leave as another. There’s just something magical about Mulberry Mountain. It is a place that allows you to rid yourself of burdens and wash away past regrets. You reenter the “real” world as a more patient, loving and understanding human being. If you are returning to Wakarusa, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. And if it’s your first time….well, just wait. You’ll see.

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