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    03 Apr 2015

    Freebie Friday with Twiddle

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    This week’s Freebie Friday is from the Vermont quartet, Twiddle! For your chance to win a t-shirt, CD, water bottle, sweatshirt, lighter, sticker or koozie share this post from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and like Twiddle’s Facebook page! Good luck!

    20 Mar 2015

    Waka Winter Classic Finalists and Voting

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    The Waka Winter Classic finalists are in and the voting page is now live. Vote for your favorite Waka Winter Classic finalist, the top two bands in this vote will play their sets on the Revival Tent Stage!

    Go have a listen to all the finalists and vote for your favorite!

    All voters are limited to 1 vote per 24hr period, voting is logged via cookies and IP logs, so if you are having issues voting, someone else on your shared local internet connection may have already voted in this poll. If that is/may be the case try to vote via mobile data on your phone (as that will be a different public IP). Unfortunately we have to run this level of tracking/logging to ensure the consistency and fairness of the vote.


    11 Mar 2015

    Wakarusa Tickets Have Shipped!

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    It’s that time of year and ‪#‎Waka2015‬ is right around the corner! We’re excited to inform you that ticket shipments have begun.
    Delivery Times:
    USPS: up to six weeks
    USPS Priority: up to two weeks
    FedEx: up to one week
    If you selected Print Pass delivery, they will be emailed today. Please check your spam, junk mail and promotions folders for this email. Feel free to reach out to the ticketing ladies if you haven’t received your tickets after the maximum delivery time!

    02 Mar 2015

    Music Monday with KOPECKY

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    KOPECKY is a Nashville, Tennessee-based indie rock band and will be playing Wakarusa 2015. Vocalist, keyboardist and bassist Kelsey Kopecky recently discussed how she became interested in music, late night mimosa madness and what she’s looking forward to about Wakarusa.

    What was your earliest musical memory?

    Let’s see..My earliest musical memory involves me on roller skates in my Dad’s garage listening to Tom Petty and and John Mellencamp. I remember my dad sweeping the floor and singing into the broom handle like a mic. He’s quite a ham..I guess that’s where I get my love of performance. haha

    How did KOPECKY get started?

    Gabe and I met at a party in college and talked about collaborating. We met up the next day and wrote like 6 was pretty magical!

    How does your creative process work when songwriting?

    I usually start with a melody and an inspiring phrase. Then I find a beat that matches the movement I want to create in my body when listening. The rest just sorts itself out. I’m big on using colorful words and imagery.

    What inspires you lyrically?

    Honesty. I think the more truth, the more relatable/compelling a song can be.

    What do you feel is the most autobiographical song you’ve written for KOPECKY?

    There’s a song called “Change” on our first full length album, “Kids Raising Kids.” It basically sums up my experience of love through the lens of those closest to me. The first verse being my father, the second my mom, and the third verse through the lens of my sister. It’s all about being brave enough to get hurt in love and recklessly knowing that’s where the best part can be found.

    What was the first song written for Kids Raising Kids?

    hmmm I can’t remember. I do remember writing some of the lyrics to “Birds” in my old bedroom. That one was about my dad. He’s amazing and we had a really hard conversation about addiction and the song was a result of it.

    How did the song “Wandering Eyes” come together?

    We were all at a studio in Charlottesville camped out for the weekend to write. I think Gabe started singing something about “wild wandering eyes” and we all just started jamming on it and drinking $3 bottles of wine until the song was finished.

    You tour a ton. What have been some of your strangest moments on the road?

    One time we took a wrong turn and our van battery died near a walmart parking lot. It happened to be Steven and Markus’ birthday, so we went inside the walmart and bought OJ and champaign and made mimosas in colorful Solo cups. No one slept and it was 7am. We recently found a video of this and it cracked me up so much. I’ve been through so much with these boys.

    You’re playing Wakarusa 2015. What are you most looking forward to about Wakarusa?

    Excited to see Young The Giant & our friends, Givers. I also hope stop by Fayetteville and see my friends at my favorite clothing store Lola’s Boutique. Should be a fun time! I love festivals!

    What do you enjoy most about the music scene in Nashville?

    There is just so much talent here. People are true players and excellent at their craft. It makes us all want to keep getting better.

    What have been the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome in your career?

    The hardest thing about being an aspiring band is trying to make ends meet financially while needing to be on the road all the time, when your band isn’t making money. There were many years of being on the road for 3 weeks at a time and then being home for 2 weeks and working crazy hours baby sitting trying to pay all of my bills for the month. With 6 band members it was a lot of juggling. But I feel like that tension give us the appreciation and drive to make this work. There is not a day that goes by where I am not grateful I get to pay my water bill or phone bill with money I made from creating music. It is such a gift.

    What advice would you give to musicians just starting out?

    Write what you know. Write the crappiest songs. Just keep writing..the rest will sort itself out. AND WATCH THIS video on what Ira Glass says: (so inspiring)

    11 Feb 2015

    Waka Wednesday with SAVOY

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    SAVOY is a Brooklyn, NY based band and will be playing Wakarusa 2015. They recently discussed SAVOY’s beginnings, creative process and love of Wakarusa.

    Did you come from a musical family? Were your parents musical?

    Our parents weren’t musicians but we they were all pretty passionate about music.  They grew up in the the golden age of rock, so the three of us share that musical backbone.

    How did SAVOY first come together?

    The three of us met in the dorms at college in Boulder.  We used to play together acoustically in hallways and lawns.  The next year we had a shed behind Ben and Gray’s house which became the place where the Savoy sound really started to take shape.

    Did you start DJing or producing first?

    Its a tricky question, but producing came first. We started as a rock band and gradually added synth bass and other electronic layers to really make our stuff sound big on the dance floor.  Over time the music evolved to be electronic music dance music that was based around sequencers and computers.  We then added instrumentation back into our productions and live performances to maintain the live, raw, feel that we love about rock music.

    You put on an amazing live performance. How has your live show evolved since you first started out?

    The answer above touched on this a little, but now our live shows are now a complete hybrid of a rock band and dance music.  We have huge builds and bass heavy drops but we also have the energy of distorted guitars and huge rock drums. We have been touring with singers as well.  Our lighting setup is also a hybrid of the two genres.  We fuse powerful lasers with epic ACDC style lighting. The energy level of the new live show keeps getting crazier and more dimensional.

    How do you approach creating tracks in the studio?

    Our influences and musical styles are varied and this shows in our productions.  I think our appreciation for the old school really influences how we make a modern sound.  If we are working on a house or drumstep track, we will ask ourselves, “What would Zeppelin do here?”  But we wouldn’t pull up a Skrillex song and use that as a reference.

    You are a past winner of Waka Winter Classic. What did winning the Waka Winter Classic mean to you?

    It was a big turning point for us. It was one of the first big festivals we ever played.  It was a time in college when a lot of people were studying abroad or going on spring break trips but we decided to take advantage of opportunities like Waka and make music our priority.

    What advice would you give to the artists competing this year?

    Well aside from playing your best and preparing you really have to bring a crowd.  That’s what all music festivals want in a band, but our strategy was a little more unconventional.  We rented a school bus and filled it with kegs.  The “party bus” took a bunch of our fans and friends from Boulder to Denver which is about 30 mins away.  Needless to say, the show was nuts and we got a bunch of votes and won the Waka Winer Classic.  But it is worth pointing out that the band before us was really talented and despite them loosing the vote they still got to play Waka.  So either way you just have to throw down.

    You are playing Wakarusa 2015. What do you enjoy most about playing Wakarusa?

    Yeah, we are always pumped to come back!  Wakarusa is great because their lineup is pretty eclectic.  We love playing festivals that aren’t based around one genre.  Some of the electronic music festivals are crazy but three days of a similar sound could be a little intense.  But at Waka we are able to stand out and provide something different.  When it gets later in the night and kids want to take it to the next level, we drop the bass and lasers on them and its always insanity.

    What are some of your favorite memories from playing Wakarusa?

    There have been many but for me it was the first year we played a late night slot in the tent. The band before us was great, but pretty mellow.  We went up there with lasers blaring and the tent quickly turned into an all out rave.  The tent was packed and everyone went nuts and really connected with what we were doing.  We had a lot of fans in the first half of the crowd, but you could tell a lot of people were caught off guard and seeing us for the first time. The best music festival experiences are always based around the unexpected.  It was cool to see that happening.

    Interview By: McClain Johnson

    03 Feb 2015

    Glamping Options Now Available

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    Whether you’re going to Waka GA or VIP this year, Glamping‬ will give you the indoor luxuries of rest, relaxation and privacy while still waking up to the great outdoors! Check it out here:

    30 Jan 2015

    Full Artist Lineup

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    The full lineup of artists for Wakarusa 2015 is here! Get your tickets today!

    28 Jan 2015

    Mulberry Mountain is My Muse

    Author: Rebecca | Category: News | Tags:

    Wakarusa encourages and promotes an ongoing artistic and creative community within the festival through funded art grants. Wakarusa will provide visual and expressive artists with a platform in which they can entertain, engage, and inspire thousands of spectators. Execute your creative visions with a WAKARUSA ART GRANT! Wakarusa is currently accepting art submissions through Friday, March 20, 2015 this year. Help build the artistic & creative community at WAKARUSA! More info here:

    27 Jan 2015

    Poster Design Contest

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    Wakarusa is looking for some creative folks to submit artwork for the Poster Design Contest! Check out the details here:

    21 Jan 2015

    Third Lineup Announced!

    Author: Rebecca | Category: News | Tags:

    Wakarusa Music Festival is thrilled to announce the third and final round of the artist lineup for the 2015 festival. This year’s final announcement of artists includes Major Lazer, Thievery Corporation, Umphrey’s McGee, Dirty Heads, Lotus and many more.

    This year’s lineup will feature an eclectic mix of indie, rock, EDM, hip-hop, reggae and more. Headliners will include Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, back from a seven-year hiatus, and electronic music powerhouse Major Lazer. In addition, Jimmy Fallon’s house band and neo-soul group The Roots, and dub-infused electronic bandThievery Corporation will be joining the musical talent at Wakarusa.

    It is widely known that Wakarusa has been the premier showcase for up and coming bands and this year is no different. Fresh acts include hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper, tropical house DJ Thomas Jack, funky duo of brothers The Floozies, EDM producer Bro Safari, indie-progressive rock band Moon Taxi, and Vermont based quartet Twiddle, to name a few.

    14 Jan 2015

    Second Lineup Announced!

    Author: Rebecca | Category: News | Tags:

    Round two of the artist lineup is here! The second round of artists includes Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Slightly StoopidChance the RapperPortugal. The Man and many more. Stay tuned for next weeks third and final lineup which will be announced on Jan 21!

    07 Jan 2015

    First Artist Lineup Announced!

    Author: Rebecca | Category: News | Tags:

    Round one of the artist lineup for Wakarusa 2015 is finally here! This year’s first round of artists includes The Roots, STS9, Rebelution, Young the Giant, The Devil Makes Three and many more.

    06 Nov 2014

    Wakarusa 2015 Ticket info is now posted! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am!

    Author: Billy | Category: News | Tags:

    Wakarusa 2015 Ticket info is now posted! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am! Start your road to Waka 2015 will all the details, pricing and info you need right here, right now!
    Just hit up our Ticket Gateway at for all the info to plan for your purchase tomorrow morning!

    31 Oct 2014

    Tickets on sale Nov 7th!

    Author: Billy | Category: News | Tags:

    Oh just hanging out at the office, thinking about Halloween, #Waka2015, and how tickets go on sale Friday, Nov 7th at 10am (CST). Get your Full Event, Early Arrival, VIP, and camping passes next Friday to save the most cash!!! We want to see YOU on the mountain in 2015!

    18 Jun 2014

    Thank You For An Amazing Wakarusa 2014!

    Author: Billy | Category: News | Tags:

    Thank you for making Wakarusa 2014 a huge success!  We’re already looking forward to seeing you all back on the mountain in 2015!

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