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    18 Jun 2014

    Thank You For An Amazing Wakarusa 2014!

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    Thank you for making Wakarusa 2014 a huge success!  We’re already looking forward to seeing you all back on the mountain in 2015!

    30 May 2014

    The Hope We Seek Project

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    The Hope We Seek project has partnered with Wakarusa!  It’s is a fusion of Fiction, Music and Art, in a free app!  Download The Hope We Seek project, where dark fiction meets a haunting music soundtrack and imaginative art.  Look for it at Wakarusa!

    About the Author: Rich Shapero’s provocative stories deliver readers to different worlds, where characters struggle with gods of their own devising. His two previous critically acclaimed projects, Too Far and Wild Animus, include book, music and visual art and are also available as multimedia tablet apps and ebooks. Too Far was celebrated as “mystical” and “utterly gorgeous,” and Kirkus Reviews noted, “Shapero displays an impressive command of the unconscious.” He lives with his wife and daughters in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    27 May 2014

    Top 10 Places You May Run Into Sassy the Sasquatch at Wakarusa

    Wakarusa Music Festival is coming up fast! There is so much to look forward to, so many things to do. The lineup is epic, the campsites are gorgeous, there are tons of activities and artwork to admire. Plus, the elusive party animal Sassy the Sasquatch will be coming out of hiding for the rager of the year! Want to party with the Sassquatch? Keep an eye out and you just might find the ultimate party animal throughout the festival!

    10. Technaflora’s Costume Parade – One of the few places a Squatch can hang out without being singled-out is the costume parade Friday at 7:15 p.m. To join in the fun meet at the Revival Tent at 6:45 p.m.!

    9. Shakedown Street – With convenient locations between the Revival Tent and Main Stage as well as amongst main venue camping near the Satellite stage, who can resist the amazing souvenirs, clothes, art work and delicious food? Not Sassy!

    8. The fishin’ pond – Even in the midst of glorious music and a non-stop party, Sassy the Sassquatch has to have some time to chill. What better way to rest up between sets than fishin’ in the pond?

    7. The showers – Wakarusa is Sassy’s annual party, it is also the Sasquatch’s single opportunity to get a much-needed shower. Nothing feels more refreshing than a nice cleansing soak after a year of stomping through the woods and some wild concert shenanigans!

    6. The Recyclarusa booth – Nobody loves Mother Earth as much as Sassy, but we can all do our part to keep Mulberry Mountain clean! Located at the intersection of Revival Road and Third Street, just outside the concert gates, you can drop off your recycling at the Recyclarusa booth and maybe catch a glimpse of a Sasquatch doing its part too!

    5. The Ferris Wheel – Sasquatches don’t get a lot of chances to ride a Ferris Wheel. In fact, when’s the last time you rode one? Wakarusa offers an astounding view from the top of the wheel, so beautiful even Sassy can overcome its’ fear of heights!

    4. Non-profit booths – Wakarusa is proud to partner with a number of non-profit organizations that work towards great causes. Sassy the Sasquatch is happy to support these organizations and get involved. You should check them out!

    3. The waterfall – Hiking through nature is Sassy’s specialty. The most cherished hidden gem of Wakarusa is the natural beauty of the waterfall down the hiking trail. It’s the perfect spot to get in tune with nature and perhaps spot a sasquatch too!

    2. Yoga – There’s nothing like a good yoga session after a full day and long night raging. Sassy the Sasquatch loves to center itself with a good morning stretch! A party-squatch has to stay limber for all the fun of Wakarusa!

    1. The stages – The main attraction that brings us all together is the music. Sassy is a big music lover, so you can bet the sasquatch will be there for fantastic concerts throughout the festival! Party like a Sassquatch and you might just run into Sassy at one of the countless sets played by over 150 bands on the 6 different stages!

    Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 is going to be the best Waka yet! Sassy knows it and so do you! Come up to Mulberry Mountain for an experience like no other! Music, camping, art and community!

    24 May 2014

    Sasquatch Saturday – Represent your Sassy side with a Wakarusa Pin featuring Sassy the Sasquatch!

    How cool are these? Wakarusa pins featuring Sassy the Sasquatch – the greatest party animal of all time! This is not a sales pitch, Sassy just wanted to show off how flippin’ neat these sweet, beautifully crafted pins are. Especially since they are featuring the Sass-quatch itself! Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 is right around the corner! Sassy is ready to rage! Be on Mulberry Mountain to party like a squatch!

    But seriously, if you ARE interested in these pins, check them out here along with other Wakarusa merch!

    20 May 2014

    Throwback Thursday – Wakarusa 2009

    Wakarusa 2009 was one for the books. The lineup, the setup and of course, the crowds. Good vibes were so heavy in the air you could almost choke! The music ranged from every style and genre, musicians traveling from near and far. All day it was beautiful out and the nights were filled with magic. This year will definitely bring back all of those great qualities and more!

    15 May 2014

    Throwback Thursday – 2010 Wakarusa recaptured!

    Wakarusa Music Festival has a legacy of excellence. Every year the festival rocks out with an outstanding lineup of music artists, fun activities, beautiful nature and the chillest people you will ever meet all gathered together as family for one epic party. 2010 was one of those great years where everything was superb and the fun never stopped! Here’s just a few pictures of all the good times – a very realistic sampling of all the glory that is coming up this year!

    Music, camping and fun loving people, what more could you want?! Wakarusa has perfected the formula for the ultimate music festival experience. Join the thousands of party people celebrating creativity and mother nature! 2010 is a great example of all the fun to be had. There’s a whole lot more where that came from! This year’s lineup is better than ever! There are more activities, more cool vendors, and more fun-loving folks coming out. So come along and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

    10 May 2014

    Sasquatch Saturday – All You Have To Do is Believe!

    Sassy the Sasquatch believes in you! Be at Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain and party like a sasquatch!

    Sassy the Sasquatch believes in you! Be at Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain and party like a sasquatch!

    All you have to do is believe! Wakarusa Music Festival is a magical place full of glorious music, beautiful attractions, cool people and – legend has it – stomping grounds of Sassy the Sasquatch! Sassy believes in you and the party-squatch is counting on you to rage it at Wakarusa with the rest of the party animals! Believe in Sassy, believe in yourself, and be at Wakarusa – where the wild things are!


    07 May 2014

    Throwback Thursday – Wakarusa 2011 flashbacks!

    Wakarusa is a special festival, in that it is huge – bringing together tons of stellar all-star musicians and thousands of party people – while still holding onto that family feeling. Everyone that comes to Waka is part of the Waka family, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned vet, we’re all together for an epic good time and that’s what matters. Over the years Wakarusa has grown because first-timers always wind up coming again year after year, bringing more friends – or should I say family! Wakarusa 2012 was a fantastic year, with a superb line-up of artists and a crowd of beautiful people all celebrating together.

    06 May 2014

    Top 10 Workshops at Wakarusa

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    Wakarusa Music Festival hosts lots of interesting, interactive workshops of all kinds! Whether you are in an artistic mood, want to learn a new skill or just try something new, Wakarusa has a workshop for you!

    10. Living Chalkboard – One of many Art Installations throughout Wakarusa is the Living Chalkboard, an interactive place for everyone to create, share and collaborate on massive chalkboards with an array of colors to create living, growing, changing works of art! Check out the chalkboards on your way to shows to admire art that is by everyone, for everyone and feel free to add your own work to the boards!

    9. Slack-librium Slackline Park – Slacklining, for those of you who don’t already know, is the act of balancing on a one to two inch piece of webbing that is tensioned between two objects, usually trees. More advanced “slackers” will then add various tricks and static yoga poses into their practice. The slack park will be open all weekend long at Wakarusa with Slack-Librium instructors on-site to help you get the hang of it!

    8. Social Napping Network – This eight person hammock installation will provide a relaxing environment for anyone who needs a break from all the excitement. Each hammock will be equipped with a rain fly to provide a break from the environments, rain or shine, so don’t hesitate to stop by if you need a breather!

    7. Costume Contest and Parade – Friday, wear your costume all around, as Wakarusa staff will be out and about choosing finalists to get Golden Tickets! Then, meet at the Main General Store (closest to Main Stage) at 7:15 p.m. Friday to join the parade to the Main Stage where finalists with Golden Tickets will be called to the Main Stage for the final vote. One winner will receive FREE TICKETS to Wakarusa 2015!

    6. Alice Steuerwald Presents: “Body’s Journey” — Daily Yoga – Practice Yoga with Alice Steuerwald in a daily “Body’s Journey.” Begin each morning with a sense of peace and freedom in your body, while developing awareness of self through breath and proprioception. Start each day off right with healthy, peaceful, awakening yoga!

    5. The Geodome – A 13ft. x 22ft, steel constructed 3v Geodesic Dome with multi-hammock instillation. Stop by to inspire, meet and share the world around you within a unique space with unique people.

    4. Theme Days – Join the roaming performance troupes with daily dress up themes! Thursday’s Theme: Rep Your State. Friday’s Theme: Friday Night Disco. Saturday’s Theme: Prom Saturday. Sunday’s Theme: Sunday Luau

    3. Recyclarusa Raffle – Bring a full bag of recycling to the Recycalusa Booth (check your program for location) and earn free swag from Wakarusa bands, artists and vendors. Sort your bag of recyclable trash to earn a raffle ticket good for one entry into a drawing for free Wakarusa 2015 tickets!

    2. Brandon Draper’s World Music Workshops – Brandon uses games, humor, non-verbal communication and lots of energy to bring groups together with rhythm. This 50 minute program is for children ages 1-100. Hand percussion instruments are provided for all participants. Add to the music Saturday June 7 & Sunday June 8, 11:00am at The Untz Satellite Stage.

    1. STL Hoop Club’s Hoop & Flow Workshop – Each daily workshop will offer a new chance for discovery within your play while incorporate yoga, the single hoop, and multiples, all while challenge the body and mind. Hoops will be available to borrow and to purchase at the workshops. Join the STL Hoop Club daily Thursday through Sunday at the location and time listed in the Events Schedule. Hoop on!


    Join the STL Hoop Club's Hoop & Flow Workshop Daily — 10:30 am – 11:30 am — Grassroots California Outpost Stage (Hoops Provided)!

    Join the STL Hoop Club’s Hoop & Flow Workshop Daily — 10:30 am – 11:30 am — Grassroots California Outpost Stage (Hoops Provided)!

    01 May 2014

    Throwback Thursday – Memories of Wakarusa 2012!

    What can be said about Wakarusa Music Festival that has not already been said? Plenty! And a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few precious moments from Wakarusa 2012 to tell you just how much fun Waka is, how beautiful Mulberry Mountain is and what it is like to party for days with loving friends and chill people!


    21 Apr 2014

    Wakarusa’s Music Monday – Walk Off The Earth

    Wakarusa’s Music Monday brought to you by Walk Off The Earth!

    Members: Marshall (Guitar/Harmonica/Trumpet/Bass/Vocals), Gianni Luminati (Bass/Drums/Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals), Taylor (Keys, Vocals), Joel Cassady (Drums/Percussion/Samples), Sarah Blackwood (Ukelele / Guitar / Vocals / Percussion)

    Origin: Burlington, Ontario

    Genres: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Reggae Rock, Experimental Rock, Ska

    Albums: Smooth Like Stone on a Beach, My Rock, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, R.E.V.O. EP, Somebody That I Used To Know, R.E.V.O. LP, iTunes Session,

    Musical Influences: Visual Music

    17 Apr 2014

    KWXD Radio X interview with Brett about Wakarusa 2014!

    For a very special Thursday entry we have a recorded interview between a radio DJ Tony Ferguson at KWXD Radio X 103.5 in Joplin with Waka-founder Brett Mosiman from April 14th talking about Wakarusa 2014!

    The interview touches on how far Waka has come over the years, all the things that make Wakarusa unique, the wild, original art work happening live at Waka this year and of course, the amazing lineup!

    Take a listen!

    02 Apr 2014

    Waka Wednesday- Get Involved!

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    How do I get involved with Wakarusa? This question has always been a reoccurring one. Let us begin with the fact that Wakarusa was made for music lovers, by music lovers. By that, we mean that we all hard to start somewhere! There are 2 popular ways to get involved with behind the scenes action. By volunteering or becoming a member of the street team, you’re sure to get your feet in the door. Our festival wouldn’t be possible without the likes of devoted folks like you. Seriously, we deeply appreciate the eager, hardworking individual.  It’s made known and noted when we see someone who has a hankering to learn the world of Wakarusa. With some dedication, you’ll receive your event pass, help make the festival and still have time play!

    Street Team:  Becoming a part of street teaming is a lovely choice for the person who wants to get involved via pre-festival. Promotion is a key task while working on our street team. You’ll utilize the internet doing social media, distribute hand bills and represent the awesomeness that is Wakarusa. We’ll give you access to an exclusive fan community with tools and helpful hints on how to rock your job!

    Volunteering: This option is for the folks who want in on the action as it’s happening. There are SEVERAL departments to work in and never a dull moment. You could work anywhere from art, production, hospitality and site operations. All of these departments provide new learning’s and experience. You’ll be sure to leave with lasting relationships for years to come.

    Get involved in the music that makes your world go round! You’ll earn prizes, event tickets and enlighten your brain with the music industry. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!? Get signed up, pack your bags and we’ll see you there!

    19 Mar 2014

    Waka Wednesday- Trivia

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    1. What is the nickname of Highway 23 that runs on Mulberry Mountain?

    A. Curveball

    B. Midnight Run

    C. Pig Trail

    D. Hog Run


    2. Who typically sponsors the yearly Wakarusa Costume Contest?

    A. Mulberry Mountain

    B. Harvest Music Festival

    C. Grassroots

    D. Technaflora


    3. Which artist is the Wakarusa 2014 MC?

    A. Cherub

    B. The Floozies

    C. Wayne Coyne

    D. Andy Frasco


    4. What breed of dog are the specially trained help volunteers named after?

    A. Shih-Tzu

    B. St. Bernard

    C. Labradoodle

    D. Bulldog


    5. What special gem awaits every patron after an intense hike into the Ozark National Forrest?

    A. Waterfall

    B. Zoo

    C. Sassy The Sasquatch’s family

    D. Crystal Cave



    1.) C- Named from the rugged and forested route through the Ozark Mountains, this scenic byway is gorgeous. 2.) D- Technaflora Plant Products LTD. 3.) D- Andy Frasco will be entertaining you throughout the festival. 4.) B- Don’t be shy, ask any roaming St. Bernard volunteer for assistance! 5.) A- Bring some legit hiking shoes and a bathing suite, you won’t want to miss this beautiful nature area!

    23 Jan 2014

    16 Jan 2014

    Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 Round Three Artist Announcement

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    Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 lineup brings The String Cheese Incident to Mulberry Mountain for the first time. The round three artist lineup announcement also includes Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic ZerosInfected Mushroom FUNGUSAMONGUSAdventure ClubEOTO and more.  The 11th annual festival will be held June 5-8, 2014 on the majestic Mulberry Mountain near Ozark, Arkansas.

    09 Jan 2014

    Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 Lineup Round Two Announcement

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    Wakarusa Music Festival 2014 lineup round two announcement includes BASSNECTARThe Flaming LipsJohn Butler TrioRuskoXavier RuddWalk Off The EarthWookiefootThe FlooziesGovinda and more. The 11th annual festival will take place upon the majestic Mulberry Mountain in Northwest Arkansas on June 5-8, 2014.

    02 Jan 2014

    Round One Artist Lineup Announcement!

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    Wakarusa is pleased to announce the first of three rounds of the 2014 artist lineup. Round one artists include STS9Umphrey’s McGeeMichael Franti & Spearhead,LettuceDr. DogPapadosioCherubBoomBox and more.  The 11th annual festival will be held June 5-8, 2014 on majestic Mulberry Mountain near Ozark, Arkansas.

    20 Dec 2013

    Mulberry Mountain is My Muse

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    Wakarusa is looking to further encourage and promote an ongoing artistic and creative community on the magical Mulberry Mountain. Execute your creative visions with a Wakarusa Art Grant! We are accepting art submissions through Friday, February 28, 2014.


    12 Dec 2013

    9th Annual Poster Design Contest

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    Get your creative juices flowing and create a piece of Wakarusa 2014 history! For all the details and rules please visit:

    Submission Deadline: January 31st

    29 Nov 2013

    Tickets are now back on sale at the EARLY BIRD price!

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    We hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    We are happy to announce that tickets are now back on sale at the EARLY BIRD price!

    Clearly the best black Friday deal anywhere on the internet!

    29 Nov 2013

    Wakarusa 2014 Secret Santa!

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    Have you been itching for those sunny Ozark Mountain skies? Do visions of Wakarusa dance in your head all year long? If you answered “Yes”, then look no further! Wakarusa has you covered for the Holidays! You see, we don’t really care if you’ve been naughty or nice…we just want to make sure that we see YOU on Mulberry Mountain in June!

    Here’s how it works..
    Step 1: Decide which friend or family member that you want to play “Santa” this year. We’ll send your Waka Wishlist directly to anyone that you choose!
    Step 2: Complete the Secret Santa Waka Wishlist below.
    Step 3: Keep your fingers crossed and maybe you’ll find your Waka Wishlist stuffed in your stocking this Holiday!


    22 Nov 2013

    Super Early Bird Tickets are SOLD OUT!

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    Well, that was quick! Super Early Bird Tickets for ‪#‎waka2014‬ have sold out in record time! Don’t freak if you missed out this time! We’re planning to get the next tier of tickets on sale ASAP. Keep checking this space to get the scoop…

    21 Nov 2013

    Riverside Camping Early Arrival

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    Riverside Campers! Come early and enjoy an extra night of camping by the river! For the first time ever we are allowing Riverside campers to enter through the check lanes starting at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, June 4th. Early arrival is good for the Riverside campsite only – shuttles will begin service to the main festival venue on Thursday morning.

    13 Nov 2013

    Wakarusa 2014 VIP Passes on sale Friday!

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    VIP Passes on sale Friday at 10 AM CST!  VIP Full Event Passes includes Wednesday Arrival privileges, meals, beverages, up front viewing and so much more!  VIP Full Event Passes sell out every year, so get them early!

    01 Nov 2013

    2014 Tickets On Sale!

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    Tickets to Wakarusa 2014 will be available for purchase on Friday, November 1st.  Get your tickets early and save!  VIP and VIP Payment Plan options will be available on Friday, November 15th.  Visit our Tickets page for full information and links to purchase tickets.

    29 Aug 2013

    2014 Dates Announced!

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    16 May 2013

    Buy now and save money!

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    Buy before Sunday and Save!

    *** Tickets going fast! ***

    Gate prices begin on Sunday, May 19th for all Event Passes.
    Buy Now and Save!

    13 May 2013

    May 15 is last day for USPS Priority!

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    The last day to buy tickets with USPS PRIORITY shipping is this Wednesday, May 15th at 1pm central time!

    Buy now, save money, and get your tickets delivered via USPS before you leave for the festival!

    10 May 2013

    Buy now and save money!

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    Tickets going fast!

    *** Buy now and save ***

    VIP? Sold Out.  Main Venue?  Sold Out.  West Woods?  You guessed it.
    Grab your tickets now to guarantee your spot at our 10th Anniversary bash!

    FYI: Gate prices begin on Sunday, May 19th for Event Passes.
    Buy Now and Save!

    09 May 2013

    VIP is SOLD OUT!

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    Our all inclusive VIP tickets have joined the growing list of SOLD OUT ticket types.

    Have you purchased your tickets yet?

    (Hint Hint, Waka Waka)

    01 May 2013

    May 3rd is last day for USPS shipping!

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    Get your tickets by Friday!

     Get your Main Venue Camping with Wednesday Arrival soon!

    You have until Friday, May 3rd to order with the $1.50 USPS snail mail option!

    It’s a perfect time to buy before our next Price Increase in a few weeks (Hint! Hint!).

    Buy Tickets Now!

    29 Apr 2013

    Last Call for Hotel Packages!

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    Who says you have to rough it a camping festival?
    Check out our Hotel Packages with a variety of value and amenities.

    Hurry!  All three tiers are offered only until Wednesday, May 1st! 

    Call Pipeline Ticketing at (785) 749-3434 to book yours today!

    Learn more about Hotel Packages here!

    15 Apr 2013

    VIP tickets are nearing a Sell Out!

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    Better get your all inclusive VIP tickets before they sell out too!

    VIP at Wakarusa is the ultimate fan experience and includes: shaded camping in the VIP Campground, exclusive up-front viewing at Main Stage and Revival, 2 free meals each day, free hot showers, friendly staff, VIP lounge, and not to mention all the beer, soda and bottled water you can drink!  You read it right, all the beer and soft drinks you can drink!

    Go VIP today!

    Psst!  Upgrades are available!  Contact Pipeline Ticketing at (785) 749-3434, 10am-6pm central,
    Monday-Friday to upgrade your GA tickets to VIP!

    13 Apr 2013

    West Woods Camping is Sold Out too!

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    West Woods Camping has joined our list of sold out camping!

    Have no fear!  Plenty of Riverside Camping is available for purchase.

    Buy your Riverside Camping Passes today!

    11 Apr 2013

    Main Venue Camping is completely Sold Out!

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    Main Venue Camping is now completely sold out!

    Get your West Woods camping before they gone too.

    (Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!)

    Buy your camping passes today!


    08 Apr 2013

    Wednesday Arrival is now Sold Out!

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    Main Venue Camping w/ Wednesday Arrival is now sold out!

    Get your Main Venue and West Woods camping before they gone too.

    (Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!)

    Buy your camping passes today!


    05 Apr 2013

    Last call for $169 Full Event Passes!

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    Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!  Get your Full Event Passes for $169 before Sunday!

    (Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge)

    Buy Tickets Now!

    30 Mar 2013

    Better get your Main Venue w/ Wednesday Arrival soon!

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    Are you looking for a prime camping spot this year?
    Hurry, because Main Venue Camping w/ Wednesday Arrival is almost gone too!
    Buy your camping passes today!


    26 Mar 2013

    $169 Full Event Passes are almost gone!

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    The current price level of Full Event Passes is on track to sell out within a few days!
    Grab yours for only $169, plus fees, while supplies last.

    Buy Tickets Now!

    10 Mar 2013

    March 15th is last day to use the Payment Plan!

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    March 15th is the last day to purchase Full Event and VIP Full Event Passes using our convenient payment plan.

    The Payment Plan divides your ticket purchase into 3 easy installments.  Learn more on our tickets page.

    Buy Tickets Now!

    01 Mar 2013

    Hotel Packages on sale now!

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    Introducing our new Hotel Packages!

    On sale now!

    We’re thrilled to offer a new type of lodging option for Wakarusa: Hotel Packages! Let us handle the finer details so you can simply check in at the hotel for the festival.


    Hotels are available in three tiers, offering a variety of value, quality, and affordability. Choose from 4 night or 5 night stays.



    Add on the Hotel Hopper to your purchase, and enjoy

    daily bus rides to the main venue and back!

    No need to rough it!

    Sleep in a bed, take a hot shower and wake up to coffee and breakfast, free, every morning.



    All hotels are located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

    Wakarusa is located at

    4117 Mulberry Mountain Loop, Ozark AR

    Hotel Packages on sale now!

    18 Feb 2013

    New Reserved Campsites on sale Friday!

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    We are building brand new Reserved Campsites!

    These campsites are fit for an RV and include water and electric hookups.  They will go on sale this Friday, February 22nd at 12pm noon (CST).   Don’t be late!  These campsites will sell out within minutes!

    All campsites must be purchased online only; phone orders are not allowed for Reserved Campsites.

    If you have already purchased an RV Unreserved Camping pass, please call our ticketing ladies to discuss how to upgrade your ticket.

    Pipeline Ticketing (785) 749-3434, 10am-6pm, Mon-Fri.

    13 Feb 2013

    Three Day and Two Day Passes on sale now!

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    General Admission Three Day and Two Day passes are on sale now!

    VIP Three Day is also available for purchase.

    Camping Passes are also selling like hot cakes.  RV Unreserved @ Main Venue and Reserved Campsites are already sold out!  Get your camping passes soon!

    Psst!  Be our Sweetheart on Facebook and get a special Valentine’s Announcement!

    11 Feb 2013

    Three Day and Two Day on sale Wednesday!

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    General Admission Three Day and Two Day passes go on sale this Wednesday, February 13 at 10:00 am CST!

    VIP Three Day will also be available for purchase.

    Camping Passes are also selling like hot cakes.  RV Unreserved @ Main Venue and Reserved Campsites are already sold out!  Get your camping passes soon!

    Psst!  Be our Sweetheart on Facebook and get a special Valentine’s Announcement!


    08 Feb 2013

    $154 Full Event Passes SOLD OUT!

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    Full Event Passes have rolled over to the next price level!  Get your Full Event Passes for $169 + fees, before they sell out too.  Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

    Camping Passes are also selling like hot cakes.  RV Unreserved @ Main Venue and Reserved Campsites are already sold out!  Get your camping passes soon!

    Psst!  Be our Sweetheart on Facebook and get a special Valentine’s Announcement!


    30 Jan 2013

    $154 Full Event Passes going quickly!

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    Don’t delay on getting your tickets!  Full Event Passes are currently $154 + fees, but this price level won’t last much longer!

    Camping Passes are also selling like hot cakes.  RV Unreserved @ Main Venue and Reserved Campsites are already sold out!  Get your camping passes soon!

    And… speaking of tickets… all Wakarusa 2013 tickets begin shipping the first full week of February.  Contact us soon if you need to update any of your shipping info!

    17 Jan 2013

    Full Lineup Announced!

    Author: Brandi | Category: News | Tags:

    The final lineup for Wakarusa 2013 has been announced and is available on the website!  Be sure to visit the artist pages to read about your favorite bands and learn more about the bands you have yet to discover.  Get your tickets now to celebrate Waka’s 10th anniversary!

    01 Jan 2013

    Artist Lineup Announcements

    Author: Admin | Category: News | Tags:

    Lineup announcements are coming soon!

    • 1st round – January 3rd.
    • 2nd round – January 10th.
    • 3rd round – January 17th.

    Like us on Facebook to be the first to know and visit the lineup page for full details.

    23 Nov 2012

    40% off Black Friday Merch Sale!

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    Shop all Wakarusa merch for 40-50% off, all weekend long, Friday through Sunday!

    19 Nov 2012

    Holiday Priced Full Event Passes almost gone!

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    Get your Full Event Passes at the $139 Holiday Price, plus fees and tax, before they are gone!

    05 Nov 2012

    Tickets on sale this Friday!

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    Tickets for Wakarusa 2013 begin this Friday, November 9th at 10am! Get your Full Event Passes at the lowest price before they sell out!

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