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    08 Apr 2015

    Waka Wednesday with Leave No Trace

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    Stick to the Trails and Camp Overnight Right -Camp only on existing or designated campsites to avoid damaging vegetation. -Good campsites are found, not made! -Don’t dig trenches or build structures in your campsite. -Avoid stepping on flowers, small trees and fragile vegetation. Once damaged they may not grow back Trash Your Trash -Re-use is… Read More »

    06 Apr 2015

    Music Monday with Stick Figure

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    Original Article: The bond between man and dog goes back thousands of years to the first civilizations that domesticated wild dogs for use in hunting and companionship. The same went for Stick Figure’s (Guitarist/Vocalist) Scott Woodruff and his dog Holly; the two were inseparable. With no warning Holly was tragically killed by a vicious coyote,… Read More »

    03 Apr 2015

    Freebie Friday with Twiddle

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    This week’s Freebie Friday is from the Vermont quartet, Twiddle! For your chance to win a t-shirt, CD, water bottle, sweatshirt, lighter, sticker or koozie share this post from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and like Twiddle’s Facebook page! Good luck!

    30 Mar 2015

    Music Monday with Kawehi

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    I had the pleasure in interviewing Wakarusa 2015 act, Kawehi.  Kawehi is a Hawaiian born singer-songwriter praised by Spin Mag for her “smooth voice and skills as a looping aficionado.”  I asked her questions about her new single “Battlefield,” Hawaiian influences, her upcoming EP, and Kickstarter. BMW: How would you describe your music for those… Read More »

    27 Mar 2015

    Freebie Friday with Super Rad Cape Company

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    This week’s Freebie Friday is from Super Rad Cape Company! To win this cape you must LIKE their Facebook page and share this blog post. At Super Rad Cape Co’s mission is to create high quality, handmade, festival accessories! All of the capes are constructed to be eye-catching, comfortable, and durable. Each one is truly a work of… Read More »

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