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We Live in Public

We Live In Public formed at the end of 2010 in a storage unit on the outskirts of downtown Columbia, Missouri. After a few years of playing acoustic shows at coffee shops and house parties, founding members Jaeson Day and Matt Olson decided it was time to up the ante. They purchased their first electric guitars, and recruited fellow Columbia musicians, Devin Burrow (bass) & Zach Denison (drums). Within a month, and with the help of Jeremy Govero & Pocket Studio, the fledgling band had recorded a self-titled full band demo in order to book shows and start getting the word out.
Over the following 18 months, the band booked and played dozens of shows all across Missouri. And when they weren’t playing shows, they were holed up in their storage unit, rehearsing, writing, and honing their sound. Despite grueling work schedules, insane Missouri weather, and lonely girlfriends, the bandmates faithfully returned to that 10′ x 10′ home away from home nearly every night….
Then, in July of 2012, the members of WLIP entered Columbia’s own Centro Cellar Studio to begin work on the band’s first full length album. With the help of Centro Cellar’s highly skilled and charismatic owner/engineer, Wil Reeves, the band painstakingly tracked and produced each of the 12 songs that had been selected for the final work. 9 months later, We Live In Public gave birth to the highly anticipated and remarkably diverse debut full length album ‘One Track Mind’. WLIP released the album under the label, ‘Home Tone Records’, which is a Columbia-based label headed up by friend of the band and venue-owner, Wes Wingate. For these young men, April of 2013 meant a brand new album, a sold out album release show at The Bridge, and the beginning of something big…
‘One Track Mind’ received an excellent review in the Columbia Daily Tribune (for the full article, visit: http://goo.gl/6g7e0q). Local music writer, Aarik Danielsen, wrote, “On its new record, “One Track Mind,” the band shows an increasing capability to unite Southern rock, California country, boondock blues, shimmering indie tones and the occasional jam-band jazz odyssey without shortchanging any force or factor. The one constant here is an emphasis on gritty yet gilded hooks that burrow into the head and heart.” One full hearing of the album is enough to tell you that these young men don’t hang out in any one genre for too long. They seamlessly blend elements of rock, blues, jazz, funk, indie, alt-country, folk and others. Powerful harmonies, intricate rhythms and clever songwriting tie it all together. It has been said that ‘One Track Mind’ is a lot like Missouri weather – if you don’t like the song, wait 5 minutes because you may get something totally different on the next track. In a separate article in the Columbia Daily Tribune, WLIP was honored with the title of “Columbia’s best vocal band”, and their song, ‘Soaking’ made the list of the top 12 local songs of 2013 (full article here: http://goo.gl/ab4mc2).
Shortly after the band’s album release show in April of 2013, they decided to add a 5th member, Kyle Day. Kyle, who just happens to be Jaeson’s brother, took over bass duties which allowed Devin to move over to his native instrument, the electric guitar. This move has allowed the band to greatly expand the diversity and potential of its overall sound. The band has also been trying new arrangements that include mandolin, lap steel, and various auxilary percussion instruments.
We Live In public is a band with a mission: Philanthropy through Music. In 2013 they began working with Columbia’s Ronald McDonald House, and 10% of all album proceeds will be donated to mid-Missouri charities. WLIP hopes to release a 4-6 EP by the end of 2014.

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