The Magic Beans | Wakarusa 2014

2014 Artist Lineup

The Magic Beans

Since the creation of the band just three years ago, The Magic Beans have established themselves as a prominent and original act in the perpetually flooded Colorado music scene and nationally. The group made a name for themselves with a deep cannon of original songs, virtuosic playing, and fusing genres; while connecting with their fan base in a way that is not typical with other bands.

Drawing from a wide range of influences, The Beans style can be described as natural and all encompassing; encapsulating the diverse interests of each musician and today’s music lovers into one package. The band is known to play funk, bluegrass, rock, and electronica; sometimes in a single composition. Improvisation, crowd participation, and original set lists each night make for high energy live shows said to move the mind and booty, simultaneously.

The Magic Beans use no pre-recorded tracks or samples in favor of a more traditional approach to music; original songwriting, diverse instrumentation, and continually pushing the musical envelope are what set the group apart. Seamlessly combining acoustic roots music and traditional instruments with modern technology and electric dance music, the Magic Beans are unique as their place of origin, the Colorado Rockies.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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