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2014 Artist Lineup

The Dirty Creek Bandits

The Dirty Creek Bandits are a six piece psychedelic folk band from Tulsa, OK. Playing various ballrooms, bars, clubs, coffee houses and music festivals. Blending folk, bluegrass and psychedelic rock, you never know what The Bandits will pull out of their bag.
The conception of the band happened on a drive home after a Mason Jennings show at the Bottleneck in Lawrence Kansas, November 2009. The Birth Happened only two weeks later with Justin Reid and Wesley Barnett getting together and writing several songs through the weekend.
Justin a long time Beatles and Oasis fan contributes strong lyrical content and musical ideas.
Wesley also a fan of the Beatles and Dr. Dog brings his own vision of song structure and arrangements.
After getting a strong set list they recruited Brandi Reid for backing vocals to add a depth and texture to lyrically driven songs. Brandi also contributes with writing songs and playing the tambourine. Brandi helps play the June Carter role in the band and keeps all the boys in line as much as she can.
After a week or two the band started rehearsing for long hours at “the garage” with Jason Howard on bass. Starting out with an electric bass Jason took the giant step to upright bass and has a unique style that he contributes to the likes of Dave Jacques and Jimbo Wallace.
Spending many days and hours writing songs and keeping the main goal of playing great music to great people the routine stayed true for two years.
After playing a show with another band in 2011 we met the talents of Steve Andrest and happily recruited him to play guitar and mandolin. With talent that replicates David Gilmour and Ralph Stanley Steve has a flare that will excite even the novice fan. The sound made changes to accommodate the experience and influence that Steve brought.
Drummers were a difficult fit for the unique style that the Dirty Creek Bandits have. Luckily while playing a festival in 2012 we met the sixth and final member of this close family. Elijah Hackathorne had the answer for the traditional drummer roll and that was take the “Bandit” approach and kick the drums over and gets a Cajon.
The Dirty Creek Bandits recorded their first cd at Auggy Reed studios the summer of 2013 and is set for an early spring release of 2014.
Opening for such great acts as Gangstagrass, Dumptruck Butterlips and Mountain sprout.
The sound of the Dirty Creek bandits is in a class of its own, although it’s not too complicated to listen to it is described as Beatles play bluegrass. Focusing on the strong lyrical content the music falls backseat to allow the message to reach the masses.
After winning the Waka Winter Classic 2014 the band has exploded with offers to play various shows and festivals. Looking forward to the shows the Dirty Creek Bandits have in front of them they are excited about what the future holds and can’t wait for the next door to open.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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