Sunset to Burns

2014 Artist Lineup

Sunset to Burns

    In the Summer of 2011, Lucas Roberts (accordion, mandolin, vocals) and Joel Farr (guitar, vocals) began writing songs with various Folk Rock influences in mind. The driving rhythms and catchy melodies that the band has to offer have been winning over audiences since then. The name Sunset to Burns was chosen by Farr and Roberts after a float trip from Sunset bridge to Burns bridge on the Pomme de Terre river in Polk County and many of the band’s songs reflect the good times had on such float trips.

    After a jam session with Kenson Ashton (banjo) and Kaleb Treacy (drums), the two joined the lineup. With Jeffrey Johnson (bass) joining the lineup in 2012, the group began playing more and more around the Springfield area entertaining audiences at venues such as Patton Alley Pub, Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival, Lindbergs Bar, First Night Festival, and the First Friday Artwalk on Park Central Square.

    In 2013, Sunset to Burns finally made the decision to record an EP and with the help of nearly 100 people donating a sum of just under $3,500 through a Kickstarter project, the band was able to complete its goal. The band’s EP, “Whiskey Stories” was officially released on November 22nd at the band’s EP release party at Patton Alley Pub in Springfield, MO and is available for purchase at shows and on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

    Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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