Old Shoe - Wakarusa Music Festival

2014 Artist Lineup

Old Shoe

Old Shoe is a five-piece Rootsy Rock n’ Roll band based out of Chicago, Illinois. Made up of talented songwriters from across the country, hailing from as far away as Alaska, the band’s compositions paint a diverse landscape of American life.
The band’s new album Family is not merely another notch in the belt for the Old Shoe, but is more so a poignant culmination of their growth and progress since the last release in 2011. In just a little over two years, Old Shoe solidified their strong lineup with keyboardist/mandolinist/vocalist Joe Day and drummer Greg Fundis, rounded the Midwest festival circuit at high-profile events like Summer Camp and Wakarusa, opened for Grammy-award winning Bruce Hornsby and Leftover Salmon, and even produced 3 consecutive installments of their own festival, Shoe Fest.
The all-original 13-track release showcases the band’s diverse influences, ranging from bluegrass to prog-rock to jazz, with it all settling into a familiar comfort zone akin to one’s favorite “old shoe.” The album reaches new heights from previous releases with a star-studded guest roster featuring musicians from the Henhouse Prowlers, The Low Down Brass Band, and Chicago’s production of The Jungle Book. Family was chosen an “Anesthetic Best of 2013” album on Chicago’s own WXRT 93.1FM. “This is a big time album.” – Richard Milne, WXRT

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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