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2014 Artist Lineup


Bridging the divide between jazz, rock, and funk and the growing dance music movement, Lawrence, Kansas’ electro-jam three-piece, Mouth, is poised to take the live electronic scene by storm. Locked into looping technology, the band’s drums, guitar, and bass are launched into a psychedelic swirl of synthetic and organic sounds that blur the lines between genres, and allow its sound to fill up any room.

Highly trained and technically proficient, the band’s rigorous background allows its members to turn on a dime, improvise more than half its sets, and introduce new elements into the stage show with ease. Sit-ins from Kris Meyers of Umphrey’s McGee and Brandon Draper (Particle, Quixotic) are less cameos and more an integration of a new sonic entity into the adaptable and evolving Mouth sound.

The trio has nearly one hundred multi-tracked recordings covering a majority of its live appearances dating back to its very first show. With an emphasis on capturing the wholly unique, improvisational, this-is-happening-here-and-now experience, it’s no wonder Mouth’s sound engineer functions as a fourth member of the band. Spanning much of the western half of the United States and countless clubs, theaters, and dives, the rich tapestry of the band’s history is woven with these recordings. In an effort to share this backstory with fans, the band has released a number of Word of Mouth volumes, compiling live highlights from the road.

2014 marks the band’s third appearance at Wakarusa. Dozens of capacity shows in the band’s home territory between Kansas City, MO and Lawrence, KS has generated a rabid fan base of freaks, geeks, and community-minded individuals who form the foundation of the band’s success. Building upon that united front of artistic, creative, and empowered supporters has become Mouth’s mission.

Years of dogmatic dedication to the craft have resulted in a reinvigorated unit ready to fuel its fans’ desires. This latest incarnation of Mouth is tight, focused, and ready to hit the road, once again.

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