Coyote Union | Wakarusa 2014

2014 Artist Lineup

Coyote Union

Coyote Union is an Americana Folk Rock band from Mountain Home, Arkansas. A group consisting of 5 best friends: Wes Dorethy (Violin, Piano, Vocals), Mark Bertel (Percussion), Jordan Finley (Bass, Vocals), Luke Gessner (Guitar, Vocals), Christopher Royer (Guitar, Harmonica). It started back in the 9th grade of high school when Mark and Chris started jamming together in Mark’s studio built onto his Dad’s barn. The countless nights of improvisation and playing covers led to several bands throughout the years, in which they were always together. So in 2011, 8 years after those nights of playing in 9th grade, Coyote Union was formed. Chris and Mark started writing music and asked friends, Jacob and Jordan, to come along and jam. The sound was getting there but needed a fifth element. That is where the band met Wes. Wes fit right in and became a best friend and band mate to all of them. The sound was complete. After about a year of playing together Jacob left for personal reasons and Coyote Union was in search of a guitar player. That is where they met Luke. Luke had gone to several Coyote Union shows and was more than happy to jump right in. Coyote Union has been going strong ever since then, combining a very entertaining and energetic live performance with Arkansas livelihood and hospitality. “We will always take the time to talk to a fan”, says Mark. Coyote Union has several musical influences along with several influences branching from people, places, events, all aspects of life, and of course Arkansas. This gives their music the ability to relate to everyone. Coyote Union released their self-titled EP earlier this year (2013) recording with veterans Chris Hudson at Sonroom Studios and Josh Kawai at Black Sheep Audio. Take a listen and enjoy a great up and coming band.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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