ClusterPluck | Wakarusa 2014

2014 Artist Lineup


ClusterPluck is a blend of potent homegrown harmonies and morning melodies. Utilizing a few traditional bluegrass instruments and 5 part vocal attack, The Pluck is anything but traditional. Banjo driven, Bass anchored, Washboard Slapping, Violin cutting and Mandolin searing, ClusterPluck’s original songs would fall somewhere in the Newgrass genre. With great Pop sensibility, a little Rock N’ Roll swagger, and roots deep in all things Country, this music will both excite and delight listeners from all corners of life. Each member individually writes music and plays multiple instruments, keeping their sound fresh and diverse. ClusterPluck is Derek Rutter, Chris Rader, Leah Osborne, Matt Gadeken and Justin Torres.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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