Caroline Rose | Wakarusa 2014

2014 Artist Lineup

Caroline Rose

Half my family’s from the south and half from the north. My dad’s dad’s side has been in my hometown since the 1600s, so we’re as American as they come. My mom’s from South Carolina and my family down there is scattered about the Carolinas and Mississippi. You can hear both influences hugely in my music as well as a lot of aspects of my personality. Jer says it’s Northern grit mixed with southern charm. Don’t know how true that is…. Oh, I don’t know how interesting this actually is, but I’ve basically become a semi-professional modern hobo. I know all the tricks of how to live out of a compact car, access internet, showers, get free breakfasts, sleep soundly and safely, etc. I can watch movies in my car, run electricity, and what have you without needing a camper or anything like that. A lot of this stuff I learned from my parents, who are both artists and when they were my age travelled constantly like I’m doing. They never had a lot of money, and neither do I, but traveling seems to be what we all spend our money on. We can all scrimp and save pretty well. To understand what type of people I come from, my dad lost his front tooth a handful of months ago and refuses to pay thousands of dollars to replace it, so he is now whittling one out of wood. I also own a really cool car. He’s a 1975 MGB red convertible who I named after my favorite mixed drink, a Tom Collins. But right now I can’t drive him because he is injured. Time travel I find extremely fascinating. I also know a heck of a lot about Native American history and once took a trip devoted entirely to seeking out all the Indian mounds east of the Mississippi. I have a tattoo on my wrist of the last words of Crazy Horse, right before he was killed. It is a warrior’s last call for bravery. I’m an avid reader and the last book I read was about the Comanches. I love wine, my cowboy boots and my red high tops. I tend to wear black a lot but poppy red (Pantone 17-1664) is my favorite color and I’m strangely drawn to it.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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