Calliope Musicals | Wakarusa 2014

2014 Artist Lineup

Calliope Musicals

Come one! Come all! There’s a strange brew of folks blowing into town in possession of a sound that is sure to mesmerize and delight! Cram under the big top and embrace the life you know you’ve been missing. A cacophony of noise designed to move and shake the innocent and the not-so-much. This is the circus as imagined by Calliope Musicals. Don’t take your eyes off the spectacle…

Austin, Texas is known around the world for being an oasis of music. It is a haven safe for any sound to get its’ call out. It is fitting that Calliope Musicals begins their tale here. Matt Roth and Carrie Fussell met in the haze of a hookah bar where they hit it off immediately. After seeing an especially raucous show by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, the two became aware that the time had arrived for them to build the group that could turn their burgeoning songwriting collaboration into a sweaty reality. After recruiting Craig (The Funk) Finkelstein on vibraphone, Calliope Musicals initially sprung to life as a totally acoustic lineup; however, as they continued to grow, they morphed in to a psychedelic party folk machine, finally brought to completion with the addition of Josh Bickley on drums, Andrew Vizzone on bass and Chris Webb on lead guitar.

The group shares a collective love for David Bowie, Paul Simon, Talking Heads, Blind Melon, ELO, Animal Collective, and Flaming Lips just to name a few. Their live shows are a grand, glorious party of dance and glitter, colored in with explosions from their DIY confetti cannon, all displayed under the watchful eye of the band’s mascot, a carousel horse named Phyllis who may be made of paper mache, but all in attendance will swear is real. There might be bubbles, there might be a giant, flaming Ruben’s Tube; you never really know with these kids. The group enjoy interacting with their audience and in most cases the scene becomes more of an event than a gig. Most tend to walk away with the word memorable floating around the inside of their heads…

Clouds On Fire is the new offering from Calliope Musicals and shows a group coming to grip with its’ songwriting and a sound that is honed to a razor’s edge. The poppy rush of the swoonsome “Jeanie O” is an engaging nod to the qualities of youth and what it has to offer. “Dancing Shoes” pulls one in and keeps you close before jumping away into the dark and the epic “Adventurers” parts the clouds and engulfs the sky in flames. This is the sound of a young group enjoying their lives and allowing others to peer at them through a kaleidoscope.

Calliope Musicals is a group in every sense of the word. Loyal to their members and actively involved in a local artists’ collective they helped start, Circus on the Moon, they are truly entranced by the possibility of genuine freedom that the prospect of making music promises. They aspire to be the greatest show on earth that comes to town to delight and wow. Lock up your children or join them in running away with the circus. You know you want to…

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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