That 1 Guy - Wakarusa Music Festival

2014 Artist Lineup

That 1 Guy

Imagine the brainchild of Dr. Seuss, Frank Zappa, Stanley Kubrick and Rube Goldberg, and you begin to understand the spectacle of a performance by That 1 Guy.  The classically-trained musician – otherwise known as Mike Silverman – is the inventor and player of an instrument called The Magic Pipe, a high-tech set of steel pipes with a single, thick bass string and electronic triggers that control lights and video.  The Magic Pipe, unbelievably, is just one of many instruments in That 1 Guy’s arsenal of other-worldly sonic mutations (which also include an Appalachian hand-saw and a cowboy boot).


Combining elements of electronic and rock, Silverman puts his classical training to good use creating music that is ethereal, fun and heart pounding. “It’s pretty serious,” says Silverman, about his one-man concert performance, equal parts music, technology, science, art and spectacle – he uses his hands and feet to create music that is fun, accessible, and rocks the crowd . “There’s a lot to take in. When people see me play, they just intuitively get it.”


That 1 Guy is currently touring the US and then moving on to festivals throughout the summer, including Wakarusa and Harvest. The shows coincide with the February 25th release of his new album, “Poseidon’s Deep Water Adventure Friends.”


The album, in his own words, is “a deep water journey of discovery and attempted enlightenment.  It’s part-one of the four-part Magicland series that will follow (more on that later).  Lots of research and development went into this one.  The deep water density and pressures were more than we anticipated and so the aftermath is not yet completely understood…  Please listen and decide….

Silverman has gone on his own world voyage as That 1 Guy, with performances around the globe, including Edinburgh, Scotland’s prestigious Fringe Festival, receiving the Tapwater Award for Best Musical Act, as well as Istanbul and Australia, where he is a revered folk hero, regularly selling out venues. “So much of my music has an indigenous, tribal rhythm feel to it,” he says, explaining his popularity Down Under, where The Magic Pipe is often compared to the Aussie didgeridoo. “And there’s this sort of tubular, pipe-shaped vibe that seems to make perfect sense there.”

His audiences range from psychedelic warriors to EDM kids to families of all ages.  Some know him from his collaboration with guitar-virtuoso Buckethead, jointly (and aptly) known as The Frankenstein Brothers.  Others are just discovering his unique brand of live entertainment.  His current stage setup includes a brand-new video component powered by highly modified electronics: a stage-sized screen behind him shows video in perfect sync with every second of the music.  Silverman added midi triggers to The Magic Pipe, so in addition to already playing a complex, multifaceted instrument, he is also controlling the the live video.  His fan club, known as “The Magic Mustache Club”, comes to greet him before every concert, where they are treated to a private, close-up magic show, exclusive merch bundles, and of course autographs, photos, and something else that the fans know: a really, really nice guy named Mike Silverman.  A That 1 Guy concert is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, like taking a trip around the world without leaving your seat.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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