Wakarusa Music Festival 2013- The 1 oz. Jig

2013 Artist Lineup

The 1 oz. Jig

Something has been causing a stir in the pond of the Arkansas (and surrounding) music scene lately, and that thing is The 1 oz. Jig. This bands sharp funk will grab you like a worm on a hook. And reel you in to their catchy songs often about real life situations with a clever twist. Good songwriting, a tight rhythm and full horn sections, and intense onstage charisma make this group an instant crowd favorite.

The 1 oz. Jig Started in Fayetteville, AR. A few years ago and ever since have been spreading their fan base like hot butter on breakfast toast. In the few short years the band has been together they have collected an impressive number of NAMA awards including Best Funk Band of 2011.In 2010 the band released its first album (self-titled) which was quickly nominated for album of the year and was also featured on a compilation of original Fayetteville artists entitled “Fayetteville 2011″.

The recipe starts with the songwriting, swanky croon and funk chunk attack on guitar of NAMA 2011 and 2008 Singer/Songwriter of the year, Jeff Kearney. Funky beats, melodic bass lines, and percussive techniques of keyboardist Matt (the Kid) Jenkins Lay the perfect foundation for the bands horn section (usually featuring 2-4 players) hooking and jabbing through it all, blowing a thick layer of tight brass over the top. The result is undeniable.

If you are in the crowd at a jig show don’t be surprised to hear the audience singing along, for crowd Participation is one of the key elements of the bands live show. The 1 oz. Jig Puts the “fun” back in “funk”. But what else would you expect from a band named after a fishing lure.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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