Wakarusa Music Festival 2013- Technicolor Tone Factory

2013 Artist Lineup

Technicolor Tone Factory

Technicolor Tone Factory is a musical enigma. Boulder based, this collaboration draws its roots from a monstrous palette of styles ranging from Rock to Jazz while touching on everything in between.

Fondly referred to as TTF by their avid fans, the group heralds a virtuosic excellence that is rivaled by few. Together, the two rhythm specialists effortlessly blend technical precision with a creative prowess that is sure to keep hips moving and heads nodding well into the night. Bassist Zach Jackson holds down the grooves with his intricately composed bass lines and penetrating vocals, accompanied by Bryan LaFever, whose marching-band history with the Blue Knights has crafted his drumsticks into high-energy rhythm weapons.

Guitarist Jarrod Guaderrama is the last of a dying breed. Where many have tried and failed, Guaderrama successfully blends old school riffs with a new age touch resulting in melodies that are filled with passion, managing to remain both familiar yet unique simultaneously.

Only fellow guitarist Brian Boster rivals Guaderrama’s prowess on the fret board. Boster’s loose but intentional riffs are the perfect punctuation to the TTF sound. His soulful additions to the musical experience that is Technicolor Tone Factory pay tribute to classic rock and roll heroes like Derek Trucks and Jimi Hendrix, while maintaining a level of originality that is rare in a world saturated in the homogeneity of mass media.

The final cog in this musical machine is keyboardist, Greg Kalfa. Armed with an arsenal of influences from Chick Corea to Joey Porter, Kalfa’s agile fingers masterfully lace texture, melody, and rhythm into a musical net sure to entrap any self-proclaimed music fan, especially when he and Jackson combine their words to create TTF’s profound vocal harmonies.

Together these five musical forces combine to create the TTF experience, one that is sure to leave your feet sore, your smile muscles searing, and your ears screaming for more. As Guitarist Jarrod Guaderrama says: “Music is a fundamental aspect of humanity. Every culture around the world has music in its midst; it is a remarkable tool for bringing people together. As musicians, we understand its power, and as fellow members of humanity we aim to disseminate our passion for music to our fans. A TTF concert is more than just a show, it’s an experience where everyone involved finds a common ground in their love of music.”

So next time you hear that Technicolor Tone Factory is coming to town, be sure not to miss an opportunity to be part of a community focused on sharing their passion for music by embarking on the musical adventure that is Technicolor Tone Factory.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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