SunSquabi - Wakarusa Music Festival

2013 Artist Lineup


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SunSquabi is a 4-piece Electronic Hydro-funk experience, created by guitarist/producer Kevin Donohue and bassist Andrew Clymer. The group added drummer Chris Anderson in the fall of 2011 and guitarist/keyboardist Cameron Crumpler in the fall of 2012. They have played all over Colorado and the United States, including performances at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Global Dance Festival 2011), The Ogden Theatre, Cervantes, Fox Theatre, Wakarusa Music Festival, Sonic Bloom and Snowball in 2012. They are a high-energy group and always deliver great live shows, blending several genres of music into a dance-worthy and progressive set. The recent addition of live drums and extra guitar and keyboards provides a new element to this musical fusion, supplementing the already stellar funk bass and shredding leads. SunSquabi’s main goals for 2013 are to create an atmosphere of community through a new live-music experience. By incorporating electronic elements and sticking to their musical roots – funk, blues, and progressive rock – SunSquabi is proving to have a unique style and determination to rise above the average.
Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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