Making Movies - Wakarusa Music Festival

2013 Artist Lineup

Making Movies

Making Movies is the product of an unlikely blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms, bi-lingual songs and a cross-cultural conscience, creating a unique yet surprisingly approachable sound. The band formed two years ago as veteran latin percussionist Juan-Carlos Chaurand and long time friends Brendan Culp and Nic Kolar joined songwriter Enrique Chi on his quest to fuse the sounds of his bi-cultural heritage. After three laps around the US, which included a stop into Mexico, the band honed their hybrid sound into a cohesive and powerful live experience. Fronted by Panamanian born Enrique Chi, the band switches effortlessly from English to Spanish lyrics while interweaving mambo, cumbia, and reaggeton rhythms with a rock n’ roll swagger. Bridging two vastly different worlds, the band has played along side Latin Grammy Winners and indie darlings alike (Aterciopelados and the Delta Spirit namely). Making Movies is releasing five free singles from their website, the first of which was released in February, as well re-releasing their record for free download as they embark on a month long tour. The tour takes the band around the Midwest, including a return to the House of Blues Chicago. Through their fiery shows and road dog mentality, Making Movies is determined to prove that those two musical worlds are not that different after all.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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