Wakarusa Music Festival 2013- D.V.S*

2013 Artist Lineup


It isn’t easy to corner guitarist/ producer D.V.S* (aka Derek VanScoten) into a particular genre. His monster amp blasts ignite dance riots, while his sensual melodies aim straight for your heart.

In the process of refining his two sided sound, his originals and remixes have been steadily forming packed dance floors since 2009.

D.V.S* released “Coming Up For Air,” a 30 song double album in late 2011. Vol. 1 “Dusk” portayed his late night bass driven music, while Vol. 2 “dawn” was filled with downtempo and reflective pieces.

As a prolific electronic producer, D.V.S* has released music on Daly City Records, Soulection, 1320 Records, Dublab Radio, Pretty Lights Music, Electronic Musician Magazine, Gravitas Recordings, and his own label, Octave Memory Tapes.

As a seasoned performer, VanScoten has spent considerable time on the road with electronic acts like Tycho, Random Rab, Ott, Bluetech, Tipper, Govinda, FreQnasty, Lotus, MartyParty, Emancipator, Ana Sia, Beats Antique, Big Gigantic, and EOTO.

No stranger to the live band scene, he has also performed as a respected multi-instrumentalist with talents as diverse as Devotchka, The Motet, DJ Logic, and the Boulder Philharmonic.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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