Wakarusa Music Festival 2013- Lord T & Eloise

2013 Artist Lineup

Lord T & Eloise

Coining their own musical genre “aristocrunk,” Memphis-based MC’s Lord T & Eloise create music featuring smart, yet obscure, observational lyricism tied up in a clever package over some of the mid-south’s dirtiest beats. As the story goes, through an unexplainable quantum leap, Lord Treadwell was sent to the past to become educated as an 18th century aristocrat and musical prodigy before returning to the present to be reunited with Maurice Eloise XIII, who was sent to the future only to return with “24-karat” gold skin and a proclivity for rapping. Separated at birth, Lord T & Eloise are brothers of rhyme. Their sound is defined by both their eccentric history and their adoration of hip hop.

Lord T & Eloise have had a string of successful albums and live performances since joining forces in 2005.  The group found themselves playing their very first show to a sold out crowd at Memphis’ premiere live music venue The Hi-Tone. They released their debut album, recorded at Memphis’ Young Avenue Sound and released by Young Avenue Records, in 2006. The aptly titled Aristocrunk,introduced the unique musical style of the band, party beats drenched in samples from the past with forward thinking dry-witted lyrics, and represented the perspective of the uber-wealthy, rather than that of the normal rags-to-riches story of most rap artists. Songs like “Black Limousine,” “Penthouse Suite,” “I’m Rich” and “To My Ladies” became instant hits and continued to prompt sold-out crowds across the mid-south. The album also featured Memphis rap legends Al Kapone and Justin Timberlakeprotege Free Sol which legitimized the group musically. Kapone even covered their song “Million Dollar Boots” when he was asked to perform with The Memphis Symphony, a rare honor. The album helped land them a booking agent and a performance at Bonnaroo.

Their 2008 sophomore record, Chairman of the Bored followed suit in style with an equal emphasis on clever lyrics that lambasted the ease of the corporate grind and satirical nonchalance about the struggles of everyday life. Songs like “Back from the Business Trip,” “Palm Beach,” “In the Middle East,” and “Chemicals” continued to thrill their audience with their tongue-in-cheek word play.  Guest appearances by 8ball, Gangsta Boo (of Three 6 Mafia Fame), Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and Cody Dickinson (North Mississippi All-stars) once again sealed the group’s legitimacy among their fans and peers alike.

2010′s Rapocalypse expanded the group’s musical catalogue thematically. The high concept, 24-track album invited listeners to enter the duo’s time machine in order to explore the future of humanity. The record consists of 24 tracks that present a vision of the near future. The duo is once again joined by a slew of guest artists, like Al Kapone, Total Savage, and even Black Oak Arkansas’ Jim Dandy to help them present their stories. Longtime DJ Witnesse even makes a guest appearance rapping on the song “Easy.”

Lord T & Eloise’s handle on the southern hip hop scene is a unique mix of performance art, party rap, and social commentary that has landed them shows with 8ball & MJG, Micky Avalon, Yin Yang Twins, Lord Infamous of Three 6 Mafia and many others.  While the band’s message has been a high concept critique of the popular culture, it’s their beats that garnered respect from the elite of the Memphis rap scene. The act has received positive reviews from numerous newspapers and music publications. Accolades have included an “A” from the Memphis Flyer, “Editor’s Pick” from Blender Magazine and a review from VH1 that lauded them as “the world’s first purveyors of aristocrunk.” They have also made appearances on Ellen! and E! Fashion Police.

Currently signed to booking agency, P.G.A., Lord T & Eloise are preparing to release two mixtapes this summer, Blackout Crunk Vol I and Blackout Crunk Vol II.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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