The Secret Sisters - Wakarusa Music Festival

2012 Artist Lineup

The Secret Sisters

The Secret Sisters’ incredible story is as simple and true as the effortless harmonies that got them here. Begin anywhere – the thick and fertile brambles of their own family history (their grandfather and his brothers actually forged a group called ‘The Happy Valley Boys’) or light upon the branches of the wondrous, fractal menagerie that makes up their debut album (a guileless, rapturous mixture of roots-ified pop that includes classics like “Why Don’t Ya Love Me?” and “Why Baby Why”). The pure goldenrod from a pair of Alabama sisters direct from Muscle Shoals (barely twenty-somethings themselves) dare to cover the Sinatra untouchable “Something Stupid,” one minute, and deliver their own self-penned, soon-to-be signature anthem “Tennessee Me,” the next. And the space between Laura and Lydia Rogers, well … you couldn’t slip a butter-slice between that. Fortified by an airtight familial camaraderie – ‘a love of music from all sides’ gushes Laura – ‘our father, our mother’s side of the family, her mother and father – our church…all our cousins…’ and emboldened with a zeal for country music and a knowledgeable repertoire of the American canon of classic recordings – the bond between Laura and Lydia is as deep as “the Tennessee river in springtime” – one of their other favorite colloquialisms. Such grounded wisdom permeates their stunning musical debut, recorded in Nashville in a mere two weeks in legendary Blackbird studios. The 10-song valentine – helmed by acclaimed producer Dave Cobb (Waylon Jennings, Jamey Johnson), manages to evoke, dare we say, even loftier pop latitudes by tapping into the indie-cool power of the Secret Sisters’ mesmerizing vocals: Arrow-straight (“Timeless,” is how Cobb describes their harmonizing) the unique, un-filtered Rogers’ sound deftly ambling between savant-like grace and ‘good ‘ol fashioned’ pop horse sense – defying both convention and the fake-it-as-you-go M.O. of the contemporary, hyper-shuffled music industry. It was the Secret Sisters’ vocals and their love and respect for music and harmony that first caught the attention of T Bone Burnett, who signed on as Executive Producer after spending time with Laura and Lydia and hearing them sing live, and is releasing the album on his new label created especially for this release – Beladroit. As Burnett explains, “I have been making music for over forty years and The Secret Sisters album is as close to pure as it gets.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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