NiT GriT - Wakarusa Music Festival

2012 Artist Lineup

NiT GriT

The dubstep electronic genre has emerged as a force in the United States, and no one embodies its momentum more than San Jose based artist Nit Grit. One of the most prolific and hardworking of the new field of dubstep/grime performers, his current music was formed in his home turf of the Bay area from a background in glitch, idm, and breakcore, and is set apart by its soulfulness and melody. True to the trend towards dramatic entrances inso many of the new fraternity of sensational dubstep artists, Nit Grit burst on the scene with his first show in March 2010 in a co-billing with Excision. Represented by the emergent Philadelphia-based dubstep management house Aorta and booked by the preeminent AM Only, Nit Grit launches a run of tour dates and new music in the Spring of 2011.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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