Dumptruck Butterlips - Wakarusa Music Festival

2012 Artist Lineup

Dumptruck Butterlips

Dumptruck Butterlips got their start working for change on the street by performing their own songs, entertaining both the daylight & nighttime crowds of Lawrence, KS. The band formed through mutual coincidence, happenstance, and friendship. Meeting each other through an open jam and a stint in a traveling roadshow in KCMO, Mr. Mustard and Ziggy moved to Lawrence, KS in 2010, to continue making beautiful music together. They shared their music and love with Megan, and then were reunited with Surka, who performed with Ziggy and Mustard in the roadshow. Dumptruck Butterlips wants you to join their foursome for a night and let them entertain you. With their potent mix of downhome country and funky soul music, they bring audiences to their knees, pleading for a second round. Coming together with their instruments, presence, and style, Dumptruck Butterlips dance, sing, and perform original music that will have you thinking of them the morning after. The quartet of Mr. Mustard on guitar, Ziggy on accordion & keys, Megan playing upright bass, and Surka stroking the washboard while singing is an experience not to be missed. Playing songs with themes like lovers’ sweet meetings and bitter departures, interrupting wedding days, and women just as wicked as men can be, their sound calls back to the past like an old radio. With seasoned performance skills, well crafted songs, and inherent sex appeal, Dumptruck Butterlips was attracting crowds of people under the streetlights long after the bars had closed down, and receiving ovations and encores at open mic nights. Local musicians and venues began courting dates and seeking sit-in’s with Dumptruck Butterlips. The hearts of local music aficionados in Lawrence and Kansas City fell in love and started following the band, writing blogs and posting videos of the band. They began opening for some of their favorite bands and started a weekly variety show “Speakeasy Sundays” at the Jazzhaus. 2011 sees the band off well into their second year with multiple festival appearances, supporting and headlining gigs already scheduled. Look forward to seeing these sexy sirens and sultan coming to a stage near you!

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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