Totojojo - Wakarusa Music Festival

2011 Artist Lineup


Originally formed in 2009 as an 4-piece including singer Josh Mullen, bassist Josh Zimmer, drummer Tony Ladue, and trumpet Tom Smith, the group quickly became a 5-piece when paired with guitarist Luke Ochsenbein. 
The group was started when Mullen and Smith, childhood friends from Webb City, MO, began jamming after Mullen’s last band (Cinna the Poet) disolved, and began exploring different genres. There they teamed with Jupiter Hollow drummer Tony Ladue, who had performed with Mullen during several of his solo-acoustic shows, and Josh Zimmer, college friends with Smith and lead guitarist for the prog-rock band Lamentia. After a few months of playing the group enlisted Luke Ochsenbein, also college friends with Smith and Zimmer, to complete the band as it is today. 
The band has developed a unique sound as a result of their influences, including: Funk, Reggae, World Music, Jam-Bands, Jazz, Rock, and Folk. Revamping and re-writing some of Mullen’s originals as well as writing several new originals, many of their songs include various styles of music. Mostly getting them defined as a Funk, Jam, World band.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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