The Floozies - Wakarusa Music Festival

2011 Artist Lineup

The Floozies

The Floozies are the live beat production duo of brothers Matt and Mark Hill. Fitting them into any one genre is difficult, but deep-pocketed grooves and a heavy funk influence seem to permeate every piece of music they create. The Hill brothers are starting off 2011 by releasing their new album, “Under Another Sun,” for free download. This new collection of groove-driven musical landscapes marks the first time that Matt and Mark have ever been recorded in a studio together. It also represents the band’s departure from their previous paradigm of improvising nearly every single thing they play. The improvisation that The Floozies have become known for will not cease to be. In fact, the songs on the new album serve as a template for live expansion, improvisation, and creation. After countless shows, the duo found themselves “accidentally” revisiting and remixing musical ideas from night to night and “Under Another Sun” serves as a way to share that. It’s a catalogue of what’s happened over the past 3 years in venues all over the country, and a sort of update from their musical journey through all things funky. And after spending the last 3 years on the road, the band has decided to stop touring. Just kidding. Check the tour dates and come party with The Floozies when they come to your town.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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