Spoonfed Tribe - Wakarusa Music Festival

2011 Artist Lineup

Spoonfed Tribe

This is a collection of artists and performers from Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. In 1999, Spoonfed Tribe debuted with great impact and started tourinig the nation, while releasing 3 Independent CD’s, and spreading their bive. SFT is a solid, original, avant-garde/Rock n Roll Act with a New Live Record, an extravagant live show, and a quickly growing fan base throughout the country. From Lollapalooza and High Sierra (04), to Joshua Tree (06), Voodoo Music Experience (06 and 08), and Wakarusa (09 and 10), the Tribe is gaining great momentum, sharing bills with such bands as Galactic, RHCP, NIN, That One Guy, and Blue October, to name a few. Their 2008 release has pushed the Tribe forward in many regions, as well as earning them a slot in the Fort Worth Record Books. Spoonfed Tribe is ready for the Future and the Now. A solid, original, avant-garde rock act. With two drummers, their music easily turns from song into a percussive wall of sound. The rhythmic therapy creates a soul-feeding atmosphere, while making you dance like you just don’t care!

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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