Saturday Sirens - Wakarusa Music Festival

2011 Artist Lineup

Saturday Sirens

A fearsome foursome of musicians from all over the state of Oklahoma; the Saturday Sirens have successfully polished rawness. From their live debut all the way to the release of their upcoming debut album, “The Saturday Sirens,” buzz about the Sirens’ has not lacked. The band merges garage-twanged guitars over groovy drum patterns to form sub-pop vocal melodies beefing into grunted cry-for-help choruses. Led by front man Seth Anderson’s niche for the stage show, the band’s energy has helped erect the buzz over time. Their distinct “desert” rock sound has been measured up to bands such as Modest Mouse, The Doors, and even the deep, dark vocal style heard from Johnny Cash.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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