MO7S - Wakarusa Music Festival

2011 Artist Lineup


New England born, Los Angeles based artist & label owner MO7S (pronounced Moe Sevens) has become something of cult status. Whether it be performing at mega festivals like Burning Man, Evolve & Wakarusa to appearing in the Smith family living room on Fox’s hit show “American Dad”, MO7S animated style has made its way into the minds of both alternative and popular cultures, whilst remaining rather enigmatic. A DJ since 1993, MO7S developed a performance style that blends his roots of classic turntablism with bass laden techno, house & breakbeat. The diversity has allowed him to play alongside hip hop acts such as KRS-One as well as dance DJs like John Digweed. In 2007, he started the digital label, Monism Music. Providing artists with a platform to publish music without creed to any niche, Monism Music has gained support from UK veterans like Si Begg,Tim Wright, Dylan Rhymes & Elite Force as well as emerging American artists such as Jon Cates & Null Space. The results have been genre bending, finding solace only in the unexpected. He is continually sought after for forward thinking, next level dj sets that provide a glimpse into dance musics future, without first giving a nod to its past. Wakarusa 2011 looks forward to experiencing, MO7S.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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