Grupo Fantasma - Wakarusa Music Festival

2011 Artist Lineup

Grupo Fantasma

GRUPO FANTASMA CELEBRATES FIRST GRAMMY WIN FOR EL EXISTENTIAL THE NAT GEO MUSIC RELEASE EARNS ‘BEST LATIN ROCK, ALTERNATIVE OR URBAN ALBUM’ Acclaimed Austin-based Latin funk orchestra Grupo Fantasma receives their first Grammy Award. Garnering “Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album” for their latest album, El Existential, the band’s guitarist, Adrian Quesada says, “Considering the DIY and homegrown effort we’ve built over the last decade, including the immense undertaking and process of producing this album all by ourselves, it feels unbelievable to finally go home as winners. And with so many genres combined into this one category with such fierce competition, it’s even more of an honor and statement of our hard work over the last ten years.” Released on Nat Geo Music, El Existential is being praised by critics including the Huffington Post who declared it “a sound done so right that you have to hand the crown to this group,” while Billboard states that by “tightly weaving Anglo, Afro and Latin musical genres, El Existential takes on an identity of its own.” Though this is Grupo Fantasma’s first Grammy, this was their second nomination, which they celebrated with a short tour of the Southwest. Grupo Fantasma are widely known for their energetic live shows, which NPR declares “seamless…whenever and wherever they’re on stage.” The 10-piece orchestra has received praise from The Wall Street Journal, La Opinion, and by USA Today, calling the band “Latin-funk masters.” Brought together by Austin’s bustling music scene, Grupo Fantasma formed in 2000 and is comprised of musicians with Latin American and Texan backgrounds. Praised as one of the most important independent acts in the Latin genre, the band draws from influences including cumbia, salsa, old-school funk, reggae and more. From the Press… “Latin music both new and traditional…vibrant fusions that transcend easy classification” –Wall Street Journal “Latin funk masters.” – USA Today “A sound done so right that you have to hand the crown to this group.” – Huffington Post “Seamless…whenever and wherever they’re on stage.” – NPR “Tightly weaving Anglo, Afro and Latin musical genres, El Existential takes on an identity of its own. They blast off in their own funktified, genre-breaking directions.” – Billboard “One of the sickest live bands ever” – Philadelphia Weekly “Real musicians playing real music.” – Prince “An orgy of creative musicianship” – San Francisco Weekly “Fantasma is honing a decidedly 21st-century version of Latin groove.” – Boston Globe “It’s a fresh, energetic set” – The Guardian (UK) “One of the decade’s most important artists in the Latin genre.” – All Music Guide “They’ll knock you down with the grooves.” – The Village Voice “The ten members of Grupo Fantasma represent a new generation in Latin music.” – Washington Post “Listening to Grupo Fantasma is like watching the Iron Chef at work; they create a sprawling feast for the ears.” – Boston Phoenix “Grupo Fantasma was as tight as one would expect from a band that routinely backs up Prince” -LA Weekly “Famous for their incendiary live shows.” – Toronto Sun “The most adventurous pan-cultural Latin band.” – San Antonio Current

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