Radiohiro and MC Zulu - Wakarusa Music Festival

2010 Artist Lineup

Radiohiro and MC Zulu

A lifelong musician and DJ, Radiohiro is rewriting the sound of London’s “Asian Underground” style with a tough new incarnation called “Asian Massive”. His sound can be best described as bass induced breakbeats, u.k. grime, and dubstep combined with lush classical Indian and bollywood mixtures. A trained drummer since the age of 4, Radiohiro was exposed to East Indian music thru his Jazz training. He credits guitarist John McLaughlin’s ‘Shakti’ records which featured Master South Indian Violinist, L. Shankar and tabla maestro Zakir Hussain. An extremist, he then spent 10 years producing and recording East Indian Hindustani music performed by the world’s top masters. He has been DJ’ing his own music at the Burningman festival for the past 13 years and performed along side Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza last year in front of a record audience. As an emerging artist, Radiohiro has recently produced music with Karsh Kale for the highly respected world music label, Six Degrees Records. Radiohiro has also worked with great music masters including Quincy Jones, Bill Laswell, Zakir Hussain, and many others. He has written music for corporates such as Microsoft, and spent several years doing sound design for A&E Cable Networks and PBS. Radiohiro spent several years as the drummer for Tranquility Bass (EMI Records), an outfit that is credited as the pioneer of the music style called Trip Hop. Radiohiro tracks can be downloaded at and also for free at His work with Karsh Kale is available at and —————————————- MC Zulu – bio The Reggae MC of choice in Chicago is fast becoming recognized as a worldwide ambassador of Caribbean culture. MC ZULU’s sound is a non-traditional mix of Dancehall-styled chatting, often punctuated with lush harmonies. He displays an almost twisted sense of rhythmic structure, and some of the most poignant songwriting in the genre. Because of the variety of tracks over which his voice can be heard, he is being credited as one of the artists helping to give rise to a new, Reggae-influenced musical variety. Providing the soundscape for his cultural revolution are many of the leading names in the Reggae / Electronica / Dancefloor Tech circle. NinjaTune’s Ghislain Poirier, Mashit’s DJ C, influential DJ/Producer Kush Arora, Mochipet, South Rakkas Crew, David Last, Megasoid, and BIONIK are but a few. MC Zulu has released music for a number of labels, including EMI, Ninja Tune, Staubgold, Com Lib and Revolt Into Style. Lyrically Zulu holds his own, featuring on tracks with greats such as Aceyalone and Kool Keith. His “Ransom The Senator”, “Go Ballistic” and “Spread The Word” titles stand as neo-political anthems which manage to maintain their dance floor appeal, even after numerous remixes and re-releases. MC Zulu is a prominent fixture onstage at Burningman, performing alongside Radiohiro. |

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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