LYNX & Janover - Wakarusa Music Festival

2010 Artist Lineup

LYNX & Janover

After raging the North American festival circuit with the music from their album “Between Worlds” in summer 2009, LYNX & Janover have established themselves as pioneers of a unique brand of electro-acoustic music by creating a diversified harmonic blend of all original hip-hop and down-tempo electronica grooves with stellar song writing, guitar playing, beat boxing, rhyming, amplified mini-kit percussion and the unique sounds of the hammered dulcimer. Big warm bass and sophisticated beats combined with LYNX’s incredible songwriting and Jamie Janover’s melodic and percussive genius puts them in a league of their own. LYNX is a Colorado born and raised singer-songwriter and beat-boxer with a great love of hip-hop and dubstep. Jamie Janover is a national hammer dulcimer champion who holds it down as one of the only hammer dulcimer players in the world to be totally immersed in electronica. In less than two years, LYNX & Janover have played sold out shows from British Columbia, to Colorado and have played 20 festivals in each of the past two festival seasons including Rothbury, Shambhala, High Sierra, 10,000 Lakes, Harmony, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, the Earthdance hub event and many others. Together LYNX & Janover have achieved the elusive perfect balance between the acoustic and the electronic, using today’s most advanced technologies mixed with ancient live instrumentation to create a unified sound reflective of the polarized nature of our times.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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