Radiohiro presents DubFi Soundsystem - Wakarusa Music Festival

2009 Artist Lineup

Radiohiro presents DubFi Soundsystem

Radiohiro presents special Wakarusa guests, “DubFi Soundsystem” DubFi Soundsystem is the colletive works of Karsh Kale, Radiohiro, Janaka Selekta, Papa Roads, MC Zulu, and Mark Lerro, leading producers of cutting edge Asian Electronica and Dub Music. Having decided to implement thier works live on stage, they have put collectively joined forces as “DubFi Soundsystem”. With thier unique meeting of acoustic live instruments and electronic sound manipulations, DubFi Soundsystem has succesfully merged the two worlds into a beautiful tapestry of East meets West sounds. From the ancient sounds of East India to the roots of Jamaica to the grime of London. The basic live implementation of DubFi Soundsystem features the musicians playing Dub Electronic music live. The Wakarusa line-up consists of Radiohiro, vocalists Papa Roads and MC Zulu, as well as Mark Lerro on guitar and dub efx. Radiohiro – Chicago A lifelong music producer and DJ, Radiohiro is rewriting the sounds of London’s “Asian Underground” style with a tough new incarnation called “Asian Massive”. Best described as bass induced breakbeats/dub electronica with lush classical Indian and bollywood mixtures. A trained drummer since the age of 4, Radiohiro was exposed to East Indian music thru his Jazz training, while listening to John McLaughlin’s ‘Shakti’ records which featured Master Violinist, L. Shankar and the masters of Indian percussion, including Zakir Hussain. After that he was sold on the deep integrity and rhythmic complexities of East Indian Hindustani music forms and looked for ways to expose this style to a Western audience. Radiohiro spent the latter part of the 90’s as the drummer for Tranquility Bass (EMI Records, MTV Amp), getting Rave reviews in every music mag, including 3 1/2 stars out of 4 in Rollingstone Magazine, and has been performing his own music at the Burningman festival for the past 12 years. As an emerging artist, Radiohiro has recently produced music with Karsh Kale for the highly respected world music label, Six Degrees Records. His latest music is getting daily rotation on FM radio across America, Germany, South Asia, Manchester – UK, BBC’s Radio ONE (3 weeks #1 in 2008), BBC’s Asian Music Network, and Radio France International. Radiohiro has worked with great music masters including Quincy Jones, Bill Laswell, Zakir Hussain, and many others. He has written music for corporates such as Microsoft, and is currently doing sound design for A&E Cable Networks and PBS. Radiohiro has also finished his first film score collaboration for the independent film, Leg Before Wicket, a true story about India and Pakistan’s partition/conflict. Radiohiro tracks can be downloaded for free at, and his work with Karsh Kale is available at and

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