Paul Benjaman Band - Wakarusa Music Festival

2009 Artist Lineup

Paul Benjaman Band

Are you ready for a redefinition of the Tulsa Sound? From the area of Oklahoma Known as Green Country comes a quartet that can get any barroom or festival hoppin’ with their nods to classic rock, oakie reggae, wailin’ slidework and Charlie Parker goes country licks. Must be seen to be believed! Paul Benjaman Band is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their mission is to create music that everybody can enjoy. By combining the legendary “Tulsa Sound” with Western Swing, Modern Funk, Bebop, and Reggae this group creates a multi-genre experience full of blossoming originality that should not be missed. Paul Benjaman Band is comprised of four talented musicians: Guitarist/Vocalist Paul (an inductee of the Tulsa World Music Hall of Fame) represents the best elements of what Tulsa guitar is all about. Paul’s great songs and masterful guitar playing are at the forefront of this band’s sound. Supplying the beats on drums is Andrew Bones; a very gifted drummer whose technique and versatility have built him a special reputation in the region. Capable of doing just about anything, this guy knows how to keep any dance floor packed, sweaty, and gyrating. Playing the Fender Rhodes and singing harmonies is Khadija Goz. Khadija is a classically trained pianist and has been playing music since she was a small child. Her brilliance can be observed when she subtly syncs in with the bass and drums to create a deep funk and groove pocket or when she burns the house down with a mind-altering rhodes solo. Lastly , on electric bass, Bo Hallford provides some funk and soul. His slick bass lines offer a sturdy foundation to the other band members. He is a great bass player all-around. Bo is known for holding it down, way down.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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