Damn Bullets - Wakarusa Music Festival

2009 Artist Lineup

Damn Bullets

Formed in 2005, they have become a fixture in the Little Rock music scene. Their music has been described by Jim Harris of the Arkansas Times as “A fascinating blend of rockabilly – bluegrass – rock – jam.” Their songs are full of imagery, imagination, and ingenious musicianship. Damn Bullets has a sound that incorporates many elements from recognizable genres such as Delta Blues, Rockabilly, Folk, Bluegrass, Funk/Soul, that has been formed into the new style Electric Folk Boogie. The guys have spent most of their lives in Arkansas, but each member has toured nationally and internationally with various groups over the last 6 years. Their style reflects their experiences by incorporating a sophisticated blend of genres, and a tone of down home friendliness that resonates throughout their catalogue. Damn Bullets is made up of Paul Morphis and Joe Sundell on vocals and guitar, DJ Bennett on bass and vocals, and Graeme Higgins on drums. Paul and Joe met over 10 years ago and began writing songs. Though they are both well versed in blues and folk guitar, they each bring a unique approach and timbre to their insturments. Arguably the most unique and memorable part of Damn Bullets’ sound is the use and blend of vocals. Paul and Joe solidified this sound on thier tour of Western Europe in 2006 where they played a combination of venues and street performances. DJ Bennett is a classically trained vocalist with a BA from the elite choir program at the University of Central Arkansas. He has toured throughout the US and Europe with UCA’s concert choir. DJ learned bass from his grandparents who are bluegrass players from Jethro, Arkansas. With an heirloom bass and his smooth and consistent vocal chops, he joined with Paul and Joe in 2005 to begin writing for their new project “Damn Bullets”. Graeme Higgins on drums was the last member to join the band to complete the line-up. Classically trained on snare drum, Graeme made the full-time switch to trap kit in 2001 due to the added expressiveness and showmanship. Graeme toured the Mid-South US and Western Europe with his previous band, Kaleo. After his second tour in Europe, Graeme decided to make a stylistic change where he joined with Damn Bullets to complete their rhythm section by the end of 2005. With the line-up complete Damn Bullets began performing and recording their original material. This effort has culminated in a strong estrablished fan-base in Arkansas, travel to both coasts of the United States, a large catalogue of original material, extensive charity work hundreds of live performances and the release of their latest album “Electric Folk Boogie.”

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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