Burnin' Smyrnans - Wakarusa Music Festival

2009 Artist Lineup

Burnin’ Smyrnans

Logging in over 30 Festival performances in 06 and 07. The Burnin Smyrnans strive to gain national recognition at all corners of the globe, The music is “Diverse, Festive and Organic”.The Burnin Smyrnans began in 2002, when multi-istrumentalists Jeff White and Jason Wigley joined forces. They started out both playing acoustic guitars for friends at parties, they threw some hand drums in the mix and found instant chemistry. Jeff had already written a bunch of songs that Jason spiced up with his tasty riffs. They wrote new material and played with various rhythm sections for about a year or two, then Jeff switched to Bass in Late 03 and they did several mini tours from Florida to the Carolinas. When their Drummer Chris Reeves returned to college In early 2005, they recruited Anthony Diaz, former drummer of “Octopus Friendly” and everything seemed to start falling into place. After their latest release, “Travelalong”, the Burnin’ Smyrnans have been touring constantly to establish their grassroots following. They have been adding members along the way and now have a tight five piece crew, featuring Jason Rogers with his soul lifting guitar solos and Eric Christian on his super-smooth sax and Back-up vocal Harmonies. They have performed over 400 shows with this lineup, so come experience their Undeniable Vibes and Musical explosion live and see what all the hype is about.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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