Buckethead - Wakarusa Music Festival

2009 Artist Lineup


Buckethead is the masked, inverted KFC bucket wearing, “mutant guitar virtuoso” that stunned audiences during Primus’s set at OzzFest ’99, toured the world with Praxis and GR2, and graced many a movie soundtrack/score. His major label debut as a member of the avant-funk outfit Praxis in 1992 opened ears and minds to his unique character and musical stylings. He has since released several solo albums (under his name and Death Cube K) and participated in many group settings (most notably the Deli Creeps, Praxis, Zillatron, Giant Robot, Giant Robot 2 and Cobra Strike) and performed/recorded numerous collaborations with other adventurous musicians and artists. There has been much speculation as to the identity of Buckethead. We do know that he was raised in a chicken coop by chickens. And possibly due to the unusual circumstances surrounding his upbringing, he is a very private person. He doesn’t grant many interviews, and shuns most conventional means of contact. The mask and bucket add an eerie air of mystery to his activities and serve as a harbinger for his otherworldly musical stylings and sensibilities. He would prefer that his fans accept his eccentricities, focus on his art and enjoy the wonderland of joy that is Bucketheadland. He draws inspiration from science-fiction and horror movies, musicians, artists, writers, athletes and has bizarre fixation on Disneyland. His dream is to complete his own park–Bucketheadland, “Where all your dreams and nightmares can come true.” This theme runs through many of his recordings and was first introduced to the public through his Psychobuddy columns in Guitar Player magazine back in 1991. Buckethead’s musical stylings range from raw-power riffing and hyper-speed metal licks to idyllic, yet edgy chordal passages and heartrending melodic lines. His music is very difficult to categorize because each release tends to have its own flavor and context. Heavy Metal and Funk styles figure formidably in the mix, but he’s not limited to the cliches of either genre. He’s equally at home chicken pickin’ country or re-creating the sound of a roller coaster with his guitar. Compositionally speaking, many of his tunes are initially conceived to be soundtracks for rides at his imaginary theme-park. Brutal, grinding rhythms suddenly give way to serene floating passages, like you’re inside a video game or experiencing an out of this world thrill ride.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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