Blue Martian Tribe - Wakarusa Music Festival

2009 Artist Lineup

Blue Martian Tribe

The Blue Martian Tribe formed in the Redding family basement with childhood friends Matt Story, Nick Konecny, and Ryan Redding in early 2002. Since then BMT has undergone many changes eventually settling into it’s current lineup in Early 2007. Blending styles from their past and present musical influences BMT creates a sound all their own. From Rock, to blues, to funk, to jazz, to trance, to hip hop, to latin, and even classical The Blue Martian Tribe takes you on a trip through the musical spectrum every night with unique live shows. No two performances of a song are exactly alike, the jams are downright psychedelic, and the band feeds the crowd an amazing amount of energy and love each night! Making each night a can’t miss experience. The Dual lead guitar styling of Matt Story and Nick Konecny conjure thoughts of the great guitar bands of the 60’s and 70’s as well as jam greats of today. Chris Story having been a musician for years picked up the keyboard just over 4 years ago and found his calling, from funky licks, to psychedelic synths he adds amazing layers to the sound. Laying down the bottom end is the heart of BMT, Ryan Redding, one of the hottest bassists in the Midwest. And of course “The Tribe”, Adam Gerber and Ando Albach on drums and percussion respectively bring the rhythm to the band with their tasty, funky, tribal grooves. The Blue Martian Tribe has shared the stage with such acts as New Monsoon, That One Guy, Cornmeal, The Station, Jah Roots, Family Groove Company, and many others. BMT won the 2008 Cosmic Break Contest and performed at the 10,000 lakes festival. Most recently winning the 2009 Waka Winter Classic BMT will perform at the 2009 Wakarusa music festival, as well as many other Midwest festivals this summer. So gear for a close encounter of the funky kind with the high energy progressive jams of The Blue Martian Tribe.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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