Wisebird - Wakarusa Music Festival

2008 Artist Lineup


Wisebird is a four-piece Rock n’ Roll band based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since forming in late 2006, they have quickly become one of the most popular and respected acts in the area. Although Wisebird is still fairly new to the scene, the band’s beginnings date back nearly a decade when Will Webster (guitar) and Dave Meservy (drums) met in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the course of the next eight years, the friends played in many bands together, some of which included the very talented and in-demand Tyler Lambourne on bass. It was in late 2005 that the pair met Trevor Nealon (keyboards) who had just relocated to Park City after stints in San Francisco and Austin, Texas. Over the course of the next year, a musical kinship was formed among the musicians as several impromptu jam sessions began to take place on stages as well at late-night parties. Today, Wisebird is one of the hardest working bands on the rise. Their undeniable chemistry and unique sound draws rave reviews from crowds in bars, ballrooms, and at festivals all over the Western United States.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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