Pete Francis (of Dispatch) - Wakarusa Music Festival

2008 Artist Lineup

Pete Francis (of Dispatch)

Pete Francis’ music has soul. In his songs, a poetic tension exists between textured imagery and pure improvised rock and roll. A Pete Francis record feels like a ride from New York City to the coast of Maine. Sometimes his songs are weightless abstractions. Sometimes they tell the story of experience. Francis spent years as a member of the renowned independent band, Dispatch, writing such fan favorites as May Day, Two Coins, and Ride a Tear. Dispatch recently became the first independent band to headline and sell out three nights at Madison Square Garden in New York City. His soon to be released, Iron Sea And The Cavalry, belongs in a classic jukebox that holds only your favorite records. The songs on this album will launch you into thoughts of sweet reverie and memories of your first live rock concert. This record is like catching a foul ball and returning it to the concession stand for a free freeze-pop. Enjoy!

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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