Paw - Wakarusa Music Festival

2008 Artist Lineup


    Paw formed in 1990 in Lawrence, Kansas , alongside Kill Creek and Stick. Their work from this era can best be characterized as aggressive rock with melodic undertones. They were hailed by many record companies as “the next Nirvana” and a bidding war erupted to sign them. The band signed a three-album deal with A&M Records during the height of the grunge wave, and released their first album, Dragline, in 1993. Their most well-known songs from this period included the singles Lolita, Jessie, Couldn’t Know, and Sleeping Bag — all of which received heavy rotation on both the radio airwaves and on Headbanger’s Ball, MTV’s hard rock/heavy metal showcase. The band also recorded a session with Mark Goodier as part of BBC Radio 1’s late night session show, and The songs Jessie, Pansy, and The Bridge were featured in the video game Road Rash. In 1995, the band released their second album, Death to Traitors, on A&M Records. During this period, the band evolved by adding more instrumental and country elements to soften their hard rock edge. While the album received favorable reviews from the press, sales quickly fizzled due to a lack of promotional support from the band’s label. Paw was later dropped by A&M in 1996, before their contract was fulfilled. In 1998, Grant Fitch and Peter Fitch formed the band Palomar and released the album World Without Horses. Paw still played together during this period, and released a full-length compilation of B-sides and rarities entitled Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself on their own label, Outlaw Records. In 2000, founding members Mark Hennessy and Grant Fitch signed Paw with Koch Records and released the mini-album Home Is a Strange Place that same year. The new album incorporated a more pronounced “stripped-down” blues element to it. The group disbanded shortly thereafter.

    Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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